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Ayatollah Khamenei also reiterated that certain individuals, through law-breaking attitudes, tried to encourage people to act against the Islamic Republic system.
But, in the meantime, county residents should be glad that law-breaking law enforcers are no longer getting a free pass.
Was the President right to authorize law-breaking programs?
Get tough by all means, but target continual areas of blatant law-breaking and the targets will be easily met, very quickly.
If you steal, cheat or commit some other white-collar crime, you'll face the same consequences as law-breaking street thugs by spending time behind bars.
For Gandhi and King, law-breaking is justified only when it respects authority and recognizes the opponent's human dignity.
A new study adds a genetic twist to the much-noted tendency of maltreated kids to become violent, law-breaking adults.
The company profited from this law-breaking behavior by filing the false certifications rather than paying employees for time spent attending a required eight-hour safety training course, the AG charged.
FIVE teenage schoolboys behind a two-year crimewave on an island where law-breaking was unheard of have been caught.
It sets out a range of measures that can be taken outside the courts for working with youth who have begun to become involved in law-breaking.
A SUNDAY Mercury investigation can today reveal the lies and law-breaking behind a new Midland lottery.
Their brazen, conscious, premeditated law-breaking cost consumers tens and perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars and raises deeply troubling questions about the conduct of global corporations, After all, these were not executives who decided to cut corners and make a one-time illegal discharge into a river; these were top company officials who conspired, at meeting after meeting, to set prices, divide market share, elude law enforcement, and cheat the public.
If the heads of trusts were sent to prison for willful law-breaking, such as this, there would be fewer violations of the Sherman law," he wrote.
Both volumes conclude that women's law-breaking behaviour needs to be understood in relation to first, the attempts of the women to survive their lives, and secondly, the meaning that offending has for the women who led lives punctuated by violence, degradation, poverty, abuse, neglect, etc.
Hence, social restraints against certain kinds of law-breaking behaviors (like gambling) were relaxed.