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a graduate school offering study leading to a law degree

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In Academic Year 2019-2020, law school were given the option to admit as regular students applicants with PhiLSAT scores up to 45% (passing score was 55%).
According to the memorandum, while school year 2017-2018 would be the pilot year for PhiLSAT, law schools would still be allowed to enroll students who took the exams but did not meet the passing score of 55 percent.
"In order for law to serve our constitutional democracy, it must be genuinely open to all," said Vicki Jackson, 2019 AALS President and Thurgood Marshall Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard Law School. "Without lawyers, many cannot understand their rights or protect their jobs, children, credit, homes, or neighborhoods.
"Moravian is thrilled to enter into this partnership with Rutgers Law School," Uppinder Mehan, dean of Arts, Humanities and Sciences at Moravian, said in a statement.
For now, the rule remains as it was for law schools: Use the LSAT unless law students are undergraduates at the same institution as the law school or are pursuing a dual degree in another discipline.
"Law school admissions have very few barriers to entry except the LSAT.
"While law school applications are on the upswing, LSAC is eager to partner with our member schools to provide greater flexibility and creativity in admissions while ensuring fairness, access and transparency for all candidates," she said, according to the NLJ.
"We have just as many civil rights issues today as we had 50 years ago," says Howard law school dean Danielle Holley-Walker, the 43-year-old lawyer who was hired in 2014 to run the law school.
The latest data from the Law School Admissions Council may be good news for American law schools.
Credentials of ASL's current and future students are under review even as the law school banks the proceeds of a $6 million economic development loan designed to keep it openand providing jobs in the coalfields.
Law School Success: A Guide to Studying Law and Taking Law School Exams, 3rd Edition
The Law School at South Carolina State College, a black college located in Orangeburg, South Carolina, was founded in 1947 as a segregated school to keep black students out of the state's all-white law school.
Getting into law school is challenging enough, but due to present shortages in qualified lawyers in the region, many have decided to seek a law education in America.
In the past, it was common-albeit expected-to see Metro Manila law school powerhouses such as the Ateneo de Manila, San Beda College and the University of the Philippines cinched at least one of the top spots.
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