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Synonyms for lavender

a pale purple color

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of a pale purple color

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Being from the Mediterranean, Lavender will tolerate summer drought conditions and will still produce masses of flowers throughout the summer.
YOU WILL NEED: An old sock Uncooked rice Dried lavender flowers Needle and thread Stick-on eyes Scraps of fabric Pipe cleaners HOW TO MAKE HIM: 1.
For gastric issues, drinking diluted lavender water can be soothing.
Dear Diarmuid, I have a young healthy clump of lavender that is growing too big for its present location.
So what better time for the Cyherbia Botanical Park in Avgorou to put on their annual lavender festival.
com/research/2zg2tk/global_lavender) has announced the addition of the "Global Lavender Oil Industry Report 2014" report to their offering.
We will be playing one home match every season wearing the lavender jersey and hopefully it will be on May 1 itself, but that needs to be discussed with the BCCI and IPL governing council," he said.
Byline: Baking with Carina Contini CHOCOLATE & LAVENDER TRUFFLES
Collect some lavender flowers and dry them to make lavender bags.
ITHINK there are few plants more beautiful and more dependable than one deep in the middle of its blooming season right now - the omnipresent lavender.
The flowers came when life got easier - take lavender, now a traditional favourite in what we regard as the quintessential cottage garden, the mauve-blue flowers rising in a summery haze above soft grey foliage.
Another part of the investments will be allocated for organic vineyards, organic lavender and organic rose oil.
People need to stop thinking of lavender as a flower and start thinking of it as an herb,'' says Kristin Orr, who owns Fort Hill Farms in Thompson, Conn.
Infuse your laundry with the aroma of French lavender with Lavender Dryer Sachets by elizabethW, artisans in a perfumery on a hill.
Throughout June, the hall's gardens are alive to the smells of the Lavender Festival.