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Synonyms for lavender

a pale purple color

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of a pale purple color

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and to the red lavender draught) the commonest regard for consistency made it necessary that she should keep her bed for that day.
Her ladyship was feebly merry (the result, no doubt, of the exhilarating properties of the red lavender draught) on the subject of Mrs.
This arranged, her ladyship was free to refresh herself with another dose of the red lavender draught, and to sleep the sleep of the just who close their eyes with the composing conviction that they have done their duty.
It was contrary to all rule and precedent; it savored of quackery--the red lavender had no business to do what the red lavender had done--but there she was, nevertheless, up and dressed, and contemplating a journey to London on the next day but one.
This was old Christopher Casby--recognisable at a glance--as unchanged in twenty years and upward as his own solid furniture--as little touched by the influence of the varying seasons as the old rose-leaves and old lavender in his porcelain jars.
Yet, the smell of a YAHOO continuing very offensive, I always keep my nose well stopped with rue, lavender, or tobacco leaves.
It is enough that God understands me, wife," replied Sancho; "for he is the understander of all things; that will do; but mind, sister, you must look to Dapple carefully for the next three days, so that he may be fit to take arms; double his feed, and see to the pack-saddle and other harness, for it is not to a wedding we are bound, but to go round the world, and play at give and take with giants and dragons and monsters, and hear hissings and roarings and bellowings and howlings; and even all this would be lavender, if we had not to reckon with Yanguesans and enchanted Moors.
We knew very well that things of this sort were considered vulgar, unless of the purest quality and used with the tact of good society; but still it was permitted to sprinkle a very little lavender, or exquisite eau de cologne, on a pocket-handkerchief.
She carries some small litter in a reticule which she calls her documents, principally consisting of paper matches and dry lavender.
This flag was divided into four quarters, one being colored sky-blue, another pink, a third lavender and a fourth white.
TO many people, all that is to lavender is its sweet smell in soaps, shampoos and air fresheners.
This year, Bulgaria retains its position as a world leader in the production and export of lavender oil.
But Ian David Lavender, 41, was hit with a restraining order banning him from Merepark Drive, in Southport, after a trial at South Sefton Magistrates' Court.
Lavender must be one of the all-time favorite herbs, and such a fantastic addition to any garden, balcony, or green space.