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someone honored for great achievements

worthy of the greatest honor or distinction

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The laureateship is well-deserved and, crucially, has gone to a poet who will be a tireless ambassador for poetry in the public arena.
But some poets believe the laureateship - which attracts an annual payment of PS5,750 - hinders their creativity.
The chapter considers Southey's negotiation of the Poet Laureateship, and how "it forced him to reassess his position as a professional writer, poet, and public figure" (159).
These occasions are opportunities, in the appropriate context of course, to express my opinion about related issues connected to my 'Laureateship'.
As for the laureateship, you note he simply said: "What does it mean?
His topics are "In what furnace was thy brain?", "the laureate of violence:" Hughes and Heaney, redundant energy: mythical reworkings, the laureateship and the miners' strike, class and the classics: Hughes and Harrison, and Hughes and Plath: England versus America.
In ancient Greece, laureateship or the pursuit of victory was advocated as the main objective in sports contests and the importance of sportsmanship was stressed (Bizley, 1997).
That Was Then was nominated for the American Book Award and won her the first New York State Walt Whitman Citation of Merit Award, in effect New York State's poet laureateship. The prize went to her posthumously: Gardner died alone in 1981.
Sir Andrew says it was during the last two years of his Laureateship, "when I was being jerked around by what I had to do", that he had started writing war poems.
He famously turned down the offer of a laureateship partly for political reasons, saying: "I've nothing against the Queen personally.
Gwyneth Lewis, Wales''s National Poet from 2005-06 and the first writer to be given the Welsh laureateship, will be leading a writing workshop at Flint Library on Saturday March 16 at 2.30pm and, the same evening, at 8pm she will be reading excerpts from her book Sparrow Tree at Clwyd Theatr Cymru, as part of Flintshire Artsfest '13.
In "Philip Levine and Other Mediocrities: What It Takes to Ascend to the Poet Laureateship," critic Anis Shivani argues that the American "professional poetry establishment" rewards poets for work that is not only mediocre, but completely irrelevant to contemporary American life.
Her fourth and best book of poetry, Thrall, appeared in 2012, the year of her appointment to the poet laureateship. This signal honor was renewed for an untypical second term featuring a series of appearances on National Public Television.
Above, Gillian Clarke reflects on her laureateship at the Hay Festival in 2011 and left, Jane Davidson and Gillian receive their awards from the University of Glamorgan
As part of her Children's Laureateship, Julia - bestselling author of more than 150 books - will be embarking on a tour to celebrate libraries as a precious community resource.