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Synonyms for laundrywoman

a working woman who takes in washing

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In reference to slavery outside of the United States, Wong also describes Mary Prince's departure from her master once she is brought as a nursemaid and laundrywoman to London.
She takes up her position at the home of the alluring and unpredictable Edward Rochester (Toby Stephens), under the eye of laundrywoman Grace Poole.
Bill was born William Rowbotham in London in 1914, the son of a tram driver and a laundrywoman.
But at 11:59 tonight, the 88-year-old retired laundrywoman - who was honored by President Clinton for donating her $150,000 life savings to the University of Southern Mississippi - will flip the switch that will start the descent of the New Year's Eve ball in New York.
As far as those household duties are concerned, women are retaining their traditional roles as the chef, vacuumer, laundrywoman and window washer.