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a working woman who takes in washing

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The house is shared by three women: Efren's spitfire lover, Ann; his sexually precocious sister, Rina; and Magda, a dowdy laundrywoman disfigured in an extramarital S&M dalliance.
Bill was born William Rowbotham in London in 1914, the son of a tram driver and a laundrywoman.
Retrieving a discarded front-page Times article about the laundrywoman who donated $150,000 to a Mississippi university, I sensed its warm, fuzzy subtext for the first time: this unlettered, selfless woman proves that diligent po' folks have happy endings; without Caucasians or the government helping one whit, an 88-year-old black woman ends up wearing French silk shoes.
But at 11:59 tonight, the 88-year-old retired laundrywoman - who was honored by President Clinton for donating her $150,000 life savings to the University of Southern Mississippi - will flip the switch that will start the descent of the New Year's Eve ball in New York.
As far as those household duties are concerned, women are retaining their traditional roles as the chef, vacuumer, laundrywoman and window washer.
My children would be in school and my grandchildren can finish their studies," said Espinosa, a 56-year-old laundrywoman.
Rosario Pineda, a 53-year-old laundrywoman in Quezon City, depended on 'shabu' (methamphetamine hydrochloride) to give her the energy to work.
I pray that the Nazarene continues to watch over my grandson, that he is kept healthy," laundrywoman Imelda Santiago, 62, told AFP.
It employs magic realism (think Apichatpong Weerasethakul, but subtler) to tell its compelling tale about a dirt-poor family, led by sickly hand-to-mouth vendor Pepe San Sebastian (best actor Bembol Roco) and his wife, laundrywoman Remy (best actress Cherry Pie Picache).
His wife Judith, a laundrywoman, can't afford his medicines.
Her father was an Ilocos Sur trader while her mother was a Tingguian laundrywoman from Abra province.
All the time, my laundrywoman had been hoping desperately I'd notice the steady loss.
Perla Manzano, a laundrywoman who lives along the bank of the Iyam noted "occasional floods when the river swells.
If he blesses me, I will be cured, God willing," the former laundrywoman said as she waited patiently since the morning for Pope Francis' motorcade to pass along Andrews Avenue from Villamor Air Base in Pasay.
The boy's mother, a laundrywoman, later told the DSWD that she planned to use the seed capital to put up a stall selling hamburgers, fish balls and squid balls in front of their house.