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operates industrial washing machine


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Solitary laundrymen living outside of Chinatowns were subject to random attacks by ruffians emboldened by the vitriolic anti-Chinese rhetoric of the day.
Thus, San Francisco's Chinese laundrymen had no choice but to comply with the hours ordinance and pay their lines.
Wang, << Race, Gender, and Laundry Work: The Roles of Chinese Laundrymen and American Women in the United States, 1850-1950 >>, Journal of American Ethnic History, 24 (automne 2004), 71).
Performing the jobs of cooks, sweepers, laundrymen and barbers to maintain the US military personnel, these Indians are hired under the promises of exorbitant remunerations but come face to face with the stark reality once they land within the barbed wired compounds of US camps and are forced to survive in subhuman conditions.
Cap'n Tupper made 14 speeches a day, roaring that more Chinese strike-breakers were on the way, so yet more inoffensive Chinese laundrymen saw their premises attacked, with shops and lodging houses stoned and looted.
Harte attempted to clarify his feelings in a later poem, "The Latest Chinese Outrage." In this work, Ah Sin returns as the leader of a group of Chinese laundrymen who angrily confront a group of miners who have not paid their bill.
(44) The most common indentured labour tasks included serving as stewards, laundrymen, unloading ships and aircraft, stacking equipment, constructing airstrips, bridges, wharfs, barracks, and drains, growing vegetables, or working in repair yards.
If this racial and linguistic bias were not bad enough, the Chinese were relentlessly feminized because their jobs as laundrymen and domestic servants were regarded by white Americans as women's work.
I begin the discussion of these key professions with a look at one of Brandon's earliest KMT leaders and laundrymen, Mr.
1870 An identifiable "Chinatown" of 200 or so persons was situated on Calle de Los Negros, Street of the Dark Hued Ones, consisting of laundrymen, market gardeners, agricultural and ranch workers, and road builders.
a place merely of queer customs, pretty bric-a-brac and ubiquitous laundrymen" (Buck 118).
JANE: Well, before this, you've probably only gotten to play waiters and laundrymen and take-out delivery boys.
Bill, 70, from Roby, is among those featured in a documentary about those thousands of Merseyside seafarers who, from the mid-1940s to the end of the 1960s, were employed on ships as, among other things, stewards, chefs, waiters, kitchen porters, pantrymen and laundrymen.
It had people from different countries that weren't "officially" coalition members: Pakistani waiters, Nepalese security guards, South African bodyguards, Indian cooks, Japanese soldiers, Kosovar laundrymen, Dutch volunteers, etc.