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a self-service laundry (service mark Laundromat) where coin-operated washing machines are available to individual customers


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"You learn so much working here," says staffer Kim Ratcliffe, who has worked at the launderette for five years.
Louise successfully runs the Mill Lane launderette in town, as well as the Porky Pint micropub.
A PS14,000 Kickstarter appeal to help kit out the former builder's yard has been launched, and, if all goes according to plan, the group - known formally as a co-operative registered as Liverpool Community Launderette - hopes to open the facility in late summer.
Launderette's end-to-end services includes free collection and delivery as well as a selection of garment care ranging from 'wash and fold', 'wash and iron', 'dry cleaning' and 'steam ironing'.
Asked at the post-fight press conference if he was "ready for those people outside the launderette", Joshua said: "I've got to pay my debt there, number one."
Britain's first self-service launderette opened in Bayswater, Central London, in 1949.
The most recent such initiative is their decision to provide people in their jurisdiction with launderettes, automatic washing machine and dryer facilities.
THE most staggering story this week came from Mrs Lou Vincent who detailed how her husband went to collect the cash from rigged cricket matches from a Birmingham launderette, giving fresh meaning to the words 'laundering money...' Ho, ho.
Part of the Welsh Government's Way To Go campaign - which aims to highlight the changes we can all make to our daily habits to help reduce our carbon footprint - the scheme has seen people like Way To Go team member Clare Teehan set up group wash-a-long sessions for her friends and family at their launderette in Canton, Cardiff.
1934: The first launderette opened in Fort Worth, Texas.
A BOMB squad was scrambled when a live World War Two hand grenade was found outside a launderette.
TODAY INDEPENDENCEDAY 1934: The first launderette opened in Fort Worth, Texas.
However, on their arrival, local man Irving soon brings them back down to earth with a bump by taking them to live with his family downtown Cancun where they'll partake in more than a few menial tasks, like fishing, launderette work, clearing through hotel rubbish and shelling prawns.
She's forced to spend the night in a shed, then Dot finds her shivering in the launderette, suitcase in hand.
Among the amenities at the complex will be a supermarket, a food court, coffee shops and retail stores as well as a pharmacy and launderette. There will be an outdoor dining area in the form of a roof garden and also a mosque.