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Synonyms for launder



Synonyms for launder

convert illegally obtained funds into legal ones

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This is not the first time the UK and EU businesses have been accused of helping launder money for foreigners.
The EFCC/ABCON goal is to ensure that BDCs are not used to launder funds by Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) especially at this period of electioneering.
The Federal Investigation Agency's (FIA) ongoing probe into a case pertaining to fake bank accounts has revealed that around Rs41 billion were laundered, a private news channel reported on Wednesday.
In India illicit funds are sometimes laundered through real estate, educational programs, charities and election campaigns.
The FIU additionally should focus on non-traditional banking mechanisms, such as the use of front companies, hawaladars, Chinese "flying money" remittance systems, currency exchanges, and mobile banking to launder funds.
Launder was wearing a safety harness but had apparently detached the harness to move to a different location in the tree.
It is fairly simple, explains Iacolino: dirty money, often small sums, is converted into tokens used in casinos, which are then converted into laundered money.
While such organisations may not be expected to use British racecourses and institutions to launder money, British racing has been seen as an area where criminal gangs could move around cash through the betting ring and similar areas.
This network moves illegal drugs from South America to Europe and the Middle East via West Africa and launders hundreds of millions of dollars monthly through accounts held at LCB, as well as through trade-based money laundering involving consumer goods throughout the world, including through used car dealerships in the United States.
Such prices seem highly suspect -- and could be examples of someone using international trade to launder money.
Money launderers often utilise front companies to launder money.
Likewise, companies would be well advised to insist that their agents and brokers establish sufficient systems to prevent the companies' policies and services from being used to launder money or further terrorism.
Acting as a high value dealer without registration is a crime in its own right, even if you don't launder money.
Every MSB is required to develop and implement an anti-money laundering compliance program designed to ensure that the business meets the Bank Secrecy Act guidelines for documentation, reporting of certain transactions, and policies and procedures to prevent use of the business to launder money.
The system is designed to make it comparably difficult to launder money in New York, London, Singapore, or the Cayman Islands.