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a platform from which rockets or space craft are launched

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Rhys Taylor said: "Our aim with Biz Launchpad is to take the responsibility for a client''s marketing and website, allowing them to get on with all the other things involved in running a business."
The affiliation will enable Launchpad Europe to provide its British and American clients with market research, trade events, professional contacts, business counselling and more.
"Launchpad is designed to accelerate collaboration between open source projects," said Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, in a statement released by the company.
Now, "when a call is answered, Siebel is able to determine which ad it relates to and direct the script to respond," says Chris Holbert, Launchpad's chief information officer and chief operating officer.
Business Link said it had joined forces with Tribal's Creative Launchpad in order to help support the four per cent growth it expects in the creative industries over the next five years.
Developer firms new to building applications targeting Nokia mobile platforms, as well as organizations whose employees may already belong to Forum Nokia as individual members, will benefit significantly from the new Launchpad offering, designed specifically to meet the needs of the growing number of firms eyeing the burgeoning smartphone market as an exciting new arena for software development.
For further details, phone Tribal Creative Launchpad on 0845 303 7375 or Fund House on 024 7652 5550.
LAUNCHPAD, one of three components of the ClassLink System 2000 suite from ClassLink Inc.
Creative Age Publications will continue to produce "Beauty Store Business," "Launchpad," "Today's Image," "DaySpa" and "Nailpro."
The U3 Launchpad is a friendly graphical user interface that is used to access and run applications.
The Chromosome Launchpad link directs visitors to gene maps, sequences, and associated genetic disorders for individual chromosomes.
The Information Technology Authority (ITA), represented by Sas Centre for Entrepreneurship, announced on Sunday the launch of the first cohort of Sas Accelerator powered by Google Developers Launchpad programme.
ISLAMABAD -- Climate Launchpad, the world's leading green business ideas competition started here on Monday which is for the first time introduced in Pakistan to help aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their green ideas into global businesses.
SatSure, a geospatial data analytics company which leverages advances in satellites, machine learning, and big data analytics, said it was recognised with the 'Imkan Innovation Award' worth $10,000 at startAD's Venture Launchpad.