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While the satellite launching site does not show any indications of an imminent launch, it retains the capability to carry out a launch or engine test at any time without prior warning, according to the American think tank's analysis of the images taken between November 2016 and January 2017.
Instead, in response to Friday's rocket attack, the Israeli artillery gunners shelled the wooded slopes of a hill near Kfar Shuba, 5 kilometers northeast of the rocket launching site. Similarly, in retaliation to the rocket attacks Saturday and Monday, the Israeli army shelled unpopulated wadis between Majdal Zoun, Azzieh, Sham, Zibdin and Teir Harfa -- nine and 4.5 kilometers distance respectively from the two rocket launch sites.
He noted that Iraqi police forces rushed to the launching site at the al-Jihad neighborhood, western Kut, looking for the attackers.
In response to the barrage, Israeli jets attacked a launching site in the northern Strip and identified a hit.
The central leadership of the coalition operations said in a statement today, "the coalition aircraft carried out ten raids in Iraq, near the cities of al-Baghdadi, Hit, Mosul, Qayyarah and Tal Afar, targeting tactical units and fighting locations, a facility for booby-trapping vehicles, headquarters and training camp for the organization." The statement added "21 air raids launched in Syria near Deir al-Zour, Manbej and Mare, targeting and destroying tactical units, heavy machine guns and mortar shells launching sites were under the control of Daash" ./ end