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the act of moving a newly built vessel into the water for the first time

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the act of propelling with force

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The test was part of a program that is exploring a new way of launching small satellites into space called the Falcon Small Launch Vehicle (SLV) program, administered by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Air Force.
The most recent revelation, and the most troubling, is acknowledgment of a doomsday machine capable of automatically launching nuclear missiles if a preemptive attack by the United States incapacitates the Russian high command.
The first schedule of planned satellite flights that private space launching companies will orbit, released last week, is being hailed in some quarters as a new phase in the U.
They are specifically designed to be capable of launching from all U.
There are a number of other major test milestones to be passed as well, and officials readily acknowledge that the schedule leading to a June 2 launching is "success-oriented.
The Minotaur vehicles are specifically designed to be capable of launching from all U.
Another TDRS is scheduled for the fourth launching (many plans for the system require a pair of satellites), tentatively listed for Sept.