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the act of moving a newly built vessel into the water for the first time

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the act of propelling with force

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The test was part of a program that is exploring a new way of launching small satellites into space called the Falcon Small Launch Vehicle (SLV) program, administered by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Air Force.
The newly announced commercial launch schedule, or manifest, reflects President Reagan's January national space policy statement, which calls both for eliminating government launch competition with the private sector and for avoiding unnecessary use of the space shuttle's human crews for launchings.
Science is scheduled for a much more significant role in 1989, with space shuttles launching the Hubble Space Telescope, the Galileo orbiter-and-probe of Jupiter, the Magellan Venus-orbiting radar mapper and the earth-orbiting Astro-1 ultraviolet observatory.
The final launching of 1988, the shuttle's first year back on the pads, is to deploy the 24-meter Hubble Space Telescope, envisioned as operating in orbit for as long as 20 years with repeated instrument changes and service calls by the shuttle.
The QuickReach(TM) rocket will enable the government to respond quickly when a military need arises or in response to a natural disaster by launching small remote sensing satellites on short notice," said Holder.
We are delighted to be launching the AMC-21 satellite for SES," said Rob Peckham, interim president and general manager for Sea Launch.
SpaceDev is now in a position to simultaneously profit from building and from launching small high tech space vehicles.
Startups are often launching their entire company along with their first product," says Catherine Kitcho, known as the Launch Doctor.
The most recent mission was in April 2005, launching the Air Force's XSS-11 spacecraft from Vandenberg AFB.
Because both rockets carry a mix of government and commercial missions, ILS can boast that one or the other of its vehicles is launching every month, on average.
We're pleased to have helped Inmarsat lay the foundation for its new broadband service by launching the first I-4 satellite this year," said ILS President Mark Albrecht.
The cornerstone of ILS is offering two independent vehicles, launching from independent launch sites, which enables us to service two customers at the same time.