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the act of moving a newly built vessel into the water for the first time

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the act of propelling with force

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In this vision, spaceflight companies have the means of launching payload into space on short notice, with no prior knowledge of the payload, destination orbit or launch site.
Also home to the Payload Processing Facility (PPF), the port receives customers' spacecraft that is prepared for launch on the Zenit-3SL launch vehicle, which is capable of launching up to 6,160 kg.
China has set up a target of launching 20 rockets and 25 satellites into space by the end of this year, making it the second country after Russia to accomplished that many launches in a year.
"On that matter, we are not accused of launching a ballistic missile," he said.
"I'm happy and as busy as I can be but also strongly suspect I'll be launching a newsletter myself again in the not-too-distant future," David said.
Air France KLM close to launching new leisure carrier.
The current price of launching a rocket payload can be $20 million or more.
Application: Tread shoe for transporter that carries space shuttles to launching pads.
and Joint Venture Partner Digital Force Technologies unveiled the "Quarterback", a multipurpose pneumatic launching system.
Of the seven "moving parts" of the operation--intelligence preparation of the battle area, target location and identification, strike command and control, weather, TLAM launch, navigation and battle damage assessment--only one, the actual launching of the TLAM itself, is conventional.
Since its initial launches in the 1960s, which included the first Telstar and Intelsat satellites and helped revolutionize weather forecasting by launching weather satellites, there have been 294 Delta launches.
With 22 field offices throughout the world, NAVAIR Lakehurst provides on-site support to the complete aircraft launching and recovery product line.
Twenty-two years and US$300 million later, capturing a share of the billions now spent launching commercial satellites remains wishful thinking, and the spaceport is now barely used.
The technology employed in the launch of the Shenzhan III is essentially the same as that required for launching a manned spacecraft, according to Xinhua.