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With thy laughter wilt thou frighten and prostrate them: fainting and recovering will demonstrate thy power over them.
New stars hast thou made us see, and new nocturnal glories: verily, laughter itself hast thou spread out over us like a many-hued canopy.
Now will children's laughter ever from coffins flow; now will a strong wind ever come victoriously unto all mortal weariness: of this thou art thyself the pledge and the prophet!
Now and then they glanced at one another, hardly able to suppress their laughter.
She turned away from him and glanced at her younger brother, who was screwing up his eyes and shaking with suppressed laughter, and unable to control herself any longer, she jumped up and rushed from the room as fast as her nimble little feet would carry her.
The glow was appreciably longer and warmer, the laughter deeper and more resonant.
And right there, in the kitchen, delicious things bubbled in the chafing-dish, our laughter bubbled, and my stomach was keen with a most delicious edge of appetite.
All I wanted, and all I would take, was just enough to glow and warm me, to kick geniality alive in me and put laughter in my throat and stir the maggots of imagination slightly in my brain.
While still outside his own door, as he rang, he heard masculine laughter, the lisp of a feminine voice, and Petritsky's voice.
The coffee was never really made, but spluttered over every one, and boiled away, doing just what was required of it--that is, providing much cause for much noise and laughter, and spoiling a costly rug and the baroness's gown.
Vronsky burst into roars of laughter. And long afterwards, when he was talking of other things, he broke out into his healthy laugh, showing his strong, close rows of teeth, when he thought of the helmet.
LAUGHTER master K M Thomas has been spreading good cheer across Asia over the summer with a series of workshops highlighting an increasingly popular stress-busting yoga practice.
For the Batek people of the Malaysian peninsula rainforest, laughter can be dangerous.
* Laughter boosts our immune system 6 Laughter can decrease our cortisol levels while also increasing our immune cells and antibodies, making our resistance to disease much stronger.
As the University of the Philippines' College of Music (UPCM) in Diliman, Quezon City, welcomed its new batch of students last week, Abelardo Hall Auditorium was filled not with the sound of singing voices or musical instruments, but with melodious laughter meant to ease depression.