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He has become a laughing stock. Hyderabad is a peaceful city," Chief Minister Rao told ANI.
I agree that it was daft but how much of a laughing stock would the UK be if it had been levied a swingeing fine by the European Union for failing to hold the elections, something which it would have no doubt been delighted to do.
He relayed that the international media is hailing Pakistan's matured response whilst Modi has become a laughing stock.
I would suggest it's those like Mr McGuinness who want to overturn a democratic decision that make Britain a laughing stock. It is they who have undermined the UK's negotiating position at every turn.
It was boss and all but 6 months later and we've got Baddiel & Skinner performing live on#SPOTY- laughing stock of the world."
'What has Malaysian politics come to - producing two 'laughing stocks' within 48 hours!' Lim said in a statement today.
Jones said: "I thought, 'I could be the laughing stock of this game.
He said: "I thought: 'I could be the laughing stock of this game.
NORTH East mayoral hopeful Jeremy Middleton said Gateshead's refusal to back the North East devolution deal made the region look a "laughing stock".
Adele may be a global superstar but she says her friends still see her as "a laughing stock".
Binay said Pacquiao whom he called a hero, has proven that he is no "laughing stock" in the House of Representatives.
IT'S yet another Whitehall farce - apparently designed to make everyone in our region, especially in the city of Liverpool, look like a laughing stock.
And Halsey believes that the lack of consistency in the FA's actions are making them a laughing stock.
laughing stock "If Ferris has really turned his back on crime then why is he still making money from his past with his books and this film.
ISLAMABAD -- Opposition leader in National Assembly (NA) Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said Friday ineptness and mismanagement of rulers in holding D-8 summit made Pakistan laughing stock in the world.
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