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inhalation anesthetic used as an anesthetic in dentistry and surgery

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36 dead since 2001 from inhaling laughing gas as grave warning issued to young people and festival-goers
NOS, or nitrous oxide, is commonly referred to as laughing gas and most commonly found in pressurised metal canisters.
Two men, 31 and 37, in charge of two different kiosks in the resort are being investigated for selling laughing gas. A search warrant was issued for both kiosks.
When inhaled it works quickly causing a light-headed, euphoric feeling which often makes users erupt into fits of laughter - hence the street name, laughing gas.
"These empty canisters of nitrous oxide, often known as 'laughing gas', were found by PCSO Higham and PCSO Rollins on Friday night after reports of youths congregating, causing anti-social behaviour and using the gas to get a high.
A group of teenagers, some as young as 14, were found to be carrying a "quantity of alcohol", while a 15-year-old was also found to be carrying almost 200 canisters of laughing gas. The alcohol and nitrous oxide were seized by officers, who warned the gas can be fatal.
Taking nitrous oxide can give a user feelings of euphoria as well as fits of giggles and laughter - hence the nickname laughing gas.
A week earlier West Midlands Police witnessed a customer inhaling nitrous oxide - also known as Hippie Crack and laughing gas - through a balloon.
Footage published by The Sun showsplayers holding balloons said to contain nitrous oxide,also known as laughing gas, which is not illegal.
CHILDREN can buy 'laughing gas' canisters at corner shops in Manchester, have them delivered over the phone or buy them online on sites such as Amazon with just a few clicks.
A JUDGE told a man arrested for having 360 cans of laughing gas: "This is far from a laughing matter."
Police are urging parents to warn their children of the dangers of "laughing gas" after canisters of the potentially deadly high were found on a street.
A LAUGHING gas dealer caught peddling nitrous oxide at a city centre university had 36,000 canisters of it at his home.