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Synonyms for laughing

emitting a murmuring sound felt to resemble a laugh

Synonyms for laughing

showing or feeling mirth or pleasure or happiness


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At this idea, he burst out laughing all at once, in quite unaffected mirth, and without giving any explanation.
It was impossible to avoid noticing them, however, in reality, for they made their presence only too conspicuous by laughing and talking loudly.
"Ay, that have I," quoth Robin, laughing loudly again, "five hundred and more horned beasts have I and my brothers, and none of them have we been able to sell, else I might not have turned butcher.
Thus they left Nottingham Town and traveled forward along the dusty highway, laughing and jesting together as though they had been old friends.
kept laughing hysterically as she looked at me, and Madame re-echoed her; but I did not feel so cheerful.
"Of course I do, and how we coasted one day," answered Tom, laughing.
Laughing have I consecrated; ye higher men, LEARN, I pray you--to laugh!
Two men, 31 and 37, in charge of two different kiosks in the resort are being investigated for selling laughing gas.
And when someone isn't really laughing but just pretending to laugh and imitating the sound, or is taunting or ridiculing someone else?
Diane Joyce of Batavia has been laughing with Reasoner for the last eight years.
Other studies have shown that laughing lowers stress hormones and elevates feel-good hormones.