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Synonyms for laugher

a person who is laughing or who laughs easily

an easy victory

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The term also known as gallows humour designates a sub-genre of comedy and satire in which laugher emanates from cynicism and skepticism.
Laugher could share the Glasgow 2014 golden glow with Daley after a fine opening performance.
Laugher also won the 3m springboard solo event and was second in the 1m event, while Alicia Blagg and Hannah Starling were second in the girls' 3m synchro and Starling was third in the 3m springboard.
7PM: Chris Mears and Jack Laugher dive in the preliminary rounds of the 3m springboard.
DIVING: Jack Laugher USA great Greg Louganis has tipped Laugher, 17, to take the sport by storm and a top-10 finish in the 3m springboard would confirm his potential.
Tom Daley, joined by Jack Laugher, Chris Mears, Tonia Couch, Sarah Barrow, Nicolas Robinson-Baker and Max Brick, is seen showing off his muscular physique, as well as his somewhat questionable dance moves, in the hilarious video, the Daily Mail reported.
30pm) * AFTER a Christmas scheduling full of Eric and Ernie, Tommy Cooper and Les Dawson, this retro-tastic trend continues with a comeback of sorts from another laugher icon of old, Jasper Carrott.
An absurd sketch to tickle the laugher in the parent or non-parent alike:
After a break of around 18 months, the capacity audience welcomed the return of The Laugher Factory with a trio of hot talent making its debut in the kingdom enroute to dates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar.
The team also has youngsters such as 13- year- old Alicia Blagg and 15- year- old Jack Laugher.
It is a dawn of new era as a new Swat has been emerged and prosperity and laugher has come back to the picturesque valley after about two and half years unrest, he added.
We're reminding people what an outstanding comedian he was and reminding them what made them sit glued to their TV every night watching him and roaring with laugher.
Oaks Christian (6-0) did whatever it wanted in a 65-6 laugher that was over when the Lions took a 28-0 lead after one quarter.
From innocence to mischievous, from love to laugher, Henrich captures all the emotions in true form.
What once seemed destined to be a real horse race could turn into a laugher by November if Beauprez can't get traction soon.