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so as to arouse or deserve laughter

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EVERYONE connected with Northern Irish football can feel proud, but let's be blunt their new world ranking of 25 is, more than anything, another example of how FIFA's system is laughably flawed.
Their conclusion was that it was laughably ridiculous to think we could reach 5 percent unemployment by the next election.
Aespecially in a showdown on a child's train set that is thrilling close-up, with carriages crashing off tracks, but laughably pedestrian in actual size.
Even more laughably, Sturgeon now claims that an EU exit would be "disastrous" for jobs and the economy.
And if the labours themselves are laughably quick, with babies being fired out like ping pong balls at a lottery-draw, that's only because there's so much other drama that needs to be crammed into the hour.
London, March 10 ( ANI ): Duchess of Cornwall Camilla's brother, Mark Shand, has rebuffed "laughably untrue" rumors that he ever dated Sven-Goran Eriksson's former girlfriend Nancy Dell'Olio.
Chelsea, laughably portrayed as massive outsiders by boss Jose Mourinho despite being a point ahead of the chasing pack, get a chance to kick clear of their rivals by getting early points on the board and it's an opportunity they are unlikely to pass up.
"You would be looking at PS175,000 by the time you had finished the job." And he said the cost would be laughably high - especially as the plan is to save money.
Craig Levein's comment that we were capable of winning all 10 matches now seems laughably premature.
While a large part of the country was preparing for a devastating hurricane, people in swing states like Virginia, Ohio, and Wisconsin were receiving slightly creepy and laughably misleading robocalls pit out by the Emergency Committee for Israel.
The minister responsible at the Department of the Environment, Food &Rural Affairs, Jim Paice, laughably commented that people needed to be aware that there were inappropriate places in which to release them.
And it is laughably inexpensive in comparison to the sound walls."
Nowadays, children find it laughably amusing to shoplift and steal" Actress Joanna Lumley "I couldn't give tuppence ha'penny for the Oscars, one way or another.
After their laughably erroneous predictions of several barbecue summers and mild winters, they gave up making six-month forecasts, but admit using the same computer model to predict climate change 50 years hence!
Despite massive opposition from the people of Saltburn and its elected councillors, the committee, mainly consisting of councillors not from the town, voted in favour of the flats to be built in the gardens of Brockley Hall, which stands in what is laughably called a "conservation area".