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prerecorded laughter added to the soundtrack of a radio or television show

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And humour will slide back down the scale of intelligence, again depending on the laugh track.
David as All of which was rendered ever more insufferable by the maniacal laugh track that accompanied it.
CITIZEN KHAN (BBC1, 8.30pm) THERE'S nothing particularly fresh about this comedy, which can feel like it's harking back to the 1970s with its studio sitcom format and laugh track.
Memo to the bloke in charge of the Sid James laugh track - Fire at will.
Cosby repeatedly clashed with the network over their insistence and his refusal to use a laugh track, and the show only ran for two seasons.
And let's face it, liberalism hasn't always been synonymous with "funny" and "cool." But thanks to the Comedy Central dynamic duo, they provided the laugh track for national debates about the minimum wage, about health care, about pre-emptive wars, and about an endless array other hot topics.
The things I like most about the show -- the simple, almost primitive animation style, the use of real children's voices, the lack of a laugh track and the smooth-jazz soundtrack -- were the very things network executives despised.
So enthusiastic was the audiences response to Edmonton Opera's English-language production of Johann Strauss Jr.'s Die Fle-dermaus in early February that it could have been the source of a classic sitcom laugh track. Besides the consistently entertaining singing, the staging and direction were also much appreciated.
The humorous responses offered by the live audience can be treated as something akin to a laugh track used in fictional television programming.
Skip the sharp-edged wit, Tomsky suggested, adding that love doesn't always need a laugh track.
Most film music now is employed to manipulate or direct our emotions, to tell us what to feel, like the laugh track in a TV sitcom tells us when to laugh.
Apparently, the authorities had not noticed the laugh track, Bahari said on NPR, and took the whole thing literally.
When the bully shoves Carly, though, Carly barks to Sam, "Rip her head off!" (Big laugh from the laugh track.) Only then does Sam dispense with the bully.
And after reading Sandra Valls' "Laugh Track" on page 30, I'll be saving my Bermuda shorts and Birkenstocks for the amazing vacation destinations we feature this month!
The RNC needs to stop the laugh track, acknowledge that responsibility ultimately rests with party Chairman Michael Steele and seek new leadership.