laugh away

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deal with a problem by laughing or pretending to be amused by it

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The much–loved, cool Glasgow bar is building a name on the comedy circuit so laugh away the early January blues.
We just laughed so much and it's wonderful to have that sort of interaction with an actor, because if you're doing something that's very responsible and serious, the more you kind of laugh away from it, the more concentration you can apply to it," she explains.
The common reaction to North Korea is to laugh away its threats, along the lines of, 'They'll never do it.
Wherever he would go, he could make friends and always guided them to laugh away the worries of life.
I reckon our parting - yes, Juliet was right, parting is indeed such sweet sorrow - started her on her wild and wilful ways, her partying, her many affairs, so I will not laugh away Mr Brown's claim because, if true, it will be just another in a long list of royal cover-ups.
It is a perpetually futile endeavor to convince someone that one should laugh away the most serious aspects of life by laughing at what that person takes most seriously, yet Zeno persists in his methods because his philosophy pushes him to use this method and this method alone.
What we will do is basically walk into your office, maybe at lunch time, and for about 30 to 40 minutes get you to laugh away your worries and then walk off," he explains.
It is this ability to laugh away the tears that Steel Magnolias truly celebrates.
The women at first laugh away Eric's overtures--the women, anyway.
Tony's response to his difficult life is summed up in his favorite saying: "I focus on the good,/ I laugh away the bad,/ and I never forget/ that it could always be worse.
Whatever you decide your spirits will be lifted and you will enjoy the company and a chance to laugh away your worries.
So where are the nine lakh tickets -- a number shared by OC secretary- general Lalit Bhanot, the same man who tried to laugh away the insanitary conditioned in the Commonwealth Games Village -- that should have been enough to fill up all the leading venues.
We have to laugh away the corruption and violence all around us.
However, bad hunts aside, my father and I, and often with my younger brother, were able to laugh away many days in the duck blind at our bad shooting, Dad's squawky calling, and my constantly moving around and then shining my big moonface up to look at the rare mallards who wandered by.
Through it all, Tony keeps his cool, telling himself to afocus on the good, laugh away the bad, and never forget that it could always be worse.