laugh away

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Synonyms for laugh away

deal with a problem by laughing or pretending to be amused by it

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I have become skilled at not to take life seriously but laugh away oddities as something crankiness and eccentricity if the behaviour of others was not acceptable.
He called her a wonderful woman but he felt that she has the tendency to laugh away everything.
Jo, star of Life 's Too Short and The Job Lot, is joined by regular host Maureen Younger and other comediennes to laugh away your mid-week blues.
"We do a few things differently - we laugh away stress and provide comedy education.
We're unlikely to laugh away the wounds Nick and Meg have inflicted on each other, the disappointments and resentments, petty and otherwise.
The much–loved, cool Glasgow bar is building a name on the comedy circuit so laugh away the early January blues.
"We just laughed so much and it's wonderful to have that sort of interaction with an actor, because if you're doing something that's very responsible and serious, the more you kind of laugh away from it, the more concentration you can apply to it," she explains.
Laugh away the pain They say laughter is the best medicine, so why not put the theory to the test and see if it can cure a broken heart.
Wherever he would go, he could make friends and always guided them to laugh away the worries of life.
I reckon our parting - yes, Juliet was right, parting is indeed such sweet sorrow - started her on her wild and wilful ways, her partying, her many affairs, so I will not laugh away Mr Brown's claim because, if true, it will be just another in a long list of royal cover-ups.
"What we will do is basically walk into your office, maybe at lunch time, and for about 30 to 40 minutes get you to laugh away your worries and then walk off," he explains.
The women at first laugh away Eric's overtures--the women, anyway.
Tony's response to his difficult life is summed up in his favorite saying: "I focus on the good,/ I laugh away the bad,/ and I never forget/ that it could always be worse." So when Tony's brothers beat him to breakfast, leaving him hungry for the day, or when his mother is too tired to notice his needs are not being met, or when a bully classmate threatens to beat him and makes his daily life even more difficult and miserable, Tony tries his best to keep his spirits up and to find a better way to solve his problems.