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So today, tell a joke, share a funny story with a friend, laugh for no apparent reason, be random, or make up a way for someone to laugh at you
Washington, May 7 ( ANI ): Researchers have said that it's just one third of the time that people are able to fool others by pretending to laugh at their dumb jokes.
They laugh at the top of their voices, every member encourages others to laugh to their heart's content," the petition, filed by 78-year-old Vinayak Shirsat, his son Shreeram and his daughter-in-law Deepti, said.
BARRY, Coventry A WITH enormous difficulty - without probably making her laugh at you
Then Barbara whispered she had a secret to share and we were to laugh at her secret.
Being able to laugh at one's self is a sure sign of confidence.
THE self-appointed style-guru and editor of the Sloane Rangers' Handbook, Peter Yorke, has issued another edict to accompany the book's revised edition: thou shalt not laugh at chavs.
Laugh at her or throw roses at her feet, this time around, the lady's got a way with discord.
I ACTUALLY found myself laughing at a crying baby the other day, which is a strange thing to laugh at.
because you can laugh at things to scorn, and they need to be scorned.
As she tells the 30 or so people on her Sunday morning course at the Lea Marston Hotel near Kingsbury, she suffered a nervous breakdown, ended up being sectioned and finally managed to come out the other side with the courage to laugh at what she'd been through.
Finally, Amis cannot help but laugh at Stalin's reaction to the German invasion of Russia, on learning of "the true dimensions of his own miscalculation, paralysis, willed myopia, and lack of nerve.
If it makes you laugh then it'll make you laugh at night.
Nothing is sacred--you'll find yourself laughing and then wondering how you could laugh at something as sick as what you're laughing at.