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The researchers observed that provoking others to laugh at you primarily has positive effects.
Stone gave a long, hearty laugh at the question, to the confusion of Lee.
Whether you laugh at Amy Schumer's stand-up, knock-knock jokes, Modern Family or your spouse's newscaster imitation, here's how and why you should do more of it:
Carol said, "It's about turning off the fact that you have to laugh at something and just laughing because you can laugh and it's good for you.
So today, tell a joke, share a funny story with a friend, laugh for no apparent reason, be random, or make up a way for someone to laugh at you!
When you can laugh at yourself and don't take yourself too seriously, you're one step closer to true humility.
They laugh at the top of their voices, every member encourages others to laugh to their heart's content," the petition, filed by 78-year-old Vinayak Shirsat, his son Shreeram and his daughter-in-law Deepti, said.
If they can't genuinely laugh at first, they fake it.
"He likes to laugh at silly things." Kerry, an administrator, said: "John thinks he's the funny one but I make Archie laugh all the time when we're together.
BARRY, Coventry A WITH enormous difficulty - without probably making her laugh at you!
Then Barbara whispered she had a secret to share and we were to laugh at her secret.
Being able to laugh at one's self is a sure sign of confidence.
WEST HAM keeper Robert Green had a laugh at his own England snub - in front of Fabio Capello.
THE self-appointed style-guru and editor of the Sloane Rangers' Handbook, Peter Yorke, has issued another edict to accompany the book's revised edition: thou shalt not laugh at chavs.
because you can laugh at things to scorn, and they need to be scorned.