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Well, they should try harder and have the guts to let us laugh at ourselves.
Women on their own are 60 per cent less likely to laugh at jokes than men on their own.
a kick-off ceremony for using "Don't Laugh At Me" as the theme of the season
Another reason for Van Overbeke's book of anecdotes not complying with the (controlled) humor reflected in jest-books is that in everyday life the man on the street continued to laugh at the same banalities.
To the laughter of the stars, which is especially indicated by their rays, they laugh at everything under the heavens upon the earth.
Common sense and a growing body of medical literature tell us that the ability to laugh at life is one of the most effective ways to maintain a positive attitude and, in turn, stay healthy.
But why do we laugh at times and at other times remain sombre?
We can know the glory of the risen Lord, and, with him, we can laugh at defeat.
Babies start to smile or laugh at between four weeks and ten weeks old.
Busters and boomers don't laugh at the same things.
Our capacity to laugh at ourselves and to share laughter with others changes the entire context of our lives.
Young children, constantly surprised by their world, tend to laugh at toilet humour while teenagers deal with their awkwardness by laughing at things like sex and authority figures.
Why might it be a good idea not to laugh at or repeat those jokes?