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Synonyms for laugh

Synonyms for laugh

to express amusement, mirth, or scorn by smiling and emitting loud, inarticulate sounds

to make fun or make fun of

an act of laughing

something or someone uproariously funny or absurd

Synonyms for laugh

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62) A chapter heading announced: "To the joy of the gods their heavenly eyes laugh and with a splendid motion they exult.
People automatically laugh at this situation that shows two men forced to live as roommates with one another - one of them being obsessively neat and the other being a total slob.
The Encyclopedia Britannica describes a laugh as 'rhythmic, vocal and involuntary actions'.
Why might it be a good idea not to laugh at or repeat those jokes?
Dr Lewis explains: "When you laugh a deep belly laugh, several things happen that are beneficial to your health - you give your internal organs a massage, your immune system is boosted and your stress hormones are reduced.
Adults don't laugh anywhere near as much as they ought to," says Miranda.
They complained that between 10 and 30 devotees gathered outside their house every morning at 6am and started singing devotional songs, clapping and exhorting one another to laugh out louder.
Jump & Laugh has participated in several fundraisers and charity events in the community of Fuquay-Varina by donating inflatables for participants to enjoy.
Pollsters discovered that 83% of people in the Midlands laugh more on a daily basis than those living in London, the North and the South of Britain.
Scientists have yet to establish whether any component of immunity corresponds to how much a person laughs at funny material, Martin says.
As one pastor puts it, "Above all people, Christians have the most reasons to laugh [and] .
Our capacity to laugh at ourselves and to share laughter with others changes the entire context of our lives.
You know everyone has a showbiz laugh and then everyone's got a real laugh?
Get Smart'' gave a horrified nation a nonsensical, hapless government bureaucracy it could laugh at.
because you can laugh at things to scorn, and they need to be scorned.