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narcotic consisting of an alcohol solution of opium or any preparation in which opium is the main ingredient

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The laudanum was secretly given to you in some way.
Give him five-and-twenty minims of laudanum to-night, without his knowing it; and then call to-morrow morning.
'You have had something besides an excellent night's rest; you had a dose of laudanum, sir, before you went to bed.
"Do you believe as I believe," he said, "that you were acting under the influence of the laudanum in doing all that you did, on the night of Miss Verinder's birthday, in Lady Verinder's house?"
"I am too ignorant of the influence of laudanum to have an opinion of my own," I answered.
"I don't understand the effect of the laudanum on me.
The chemist bowed; and, turning to his shelves, filled an ordinary half-ounce bottle with laudanum immediately.
"Shall I put you up a little cotton wool with the laudanum?" he asked, after he had placed a label on the bottle, and had written a word on it in large letters.
"Is there danger," she asked, "in such a little drop of Laudanum as that?"
With that answer, the chemist sealed up the bottle in its wrapping of white paper and handed the laudanum to Magdalen across the counter.
She placed the laudanum in the cupboard, locked it, and put the key in her packet.
The vision of her own distempered fancy followed her to the place where the laudanum was hidden, and vanished there.
It smelt of laudanum, and looking on the sideboard, I found that the bottle which Mother's doctor uses for her-- oh!
On the table was a bottle half full of laudanum, an old pocket-book, and a letter.
(laudanum) which for many years had a large share in paralyzing his will.