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Synonyms for laudability

the quality of being worthy of praise

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(68) Notwithstanding the good intentions of legislators drafting provisions such as Section 307 or the laudability of their goals, such heavy-handed mandates, hastily crafted in the crucible of scandal, exacerbate the problems of ill-considered policy decisions.
Unless and until we do this, we have no sensible way of identifying and attempting to eliminate self-deceptive exaggerations of the moral laudability of our own aims and purposes, nor can we correct for the idiosyncratic prejudices, engrained habits, and patterns of inattention or "moral blindness" that distort our interactions with others.
Bailey's assertions regarding the scientific laudability of the "better health through chemistry" credo of the drug industry deserve closer examination.
Moral culpability, so understood, is a negative form of one type of moral responsibility, its positive contrary being laudability.(5)
Culpability and laudability are intimately related to responsibility, but the relation is a genuine one between distinct contexts, not one of identity nor one of two venues on the same terrain.