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framework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal

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Breathtaking at first sight, the structure is more charming at night with its latticework washed in lights of green, pink or orange hues.
Pantas Sutardja, founder & CEO, Latticework, Inc.
Many useful materials, such as silicon, have a chemically bonded latticework of atoms.
The latticework, which strengthens them from the rear, is also thought to be the first use of its kind of mortise and tenon joints in a castle door.
The 482-feet long, 135-feet wide structure has steel latticework supporting its Teflon-coated fiberglass panels.
Contemporary Arabesque architecture and design details including mashrabiya latticework screens reflect the hotel's proximity to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Labelled wi metallic rose-gold Bollinger lettering, the beautiful bottle is majestically housed in a matching rose-gold latticework incorporating the Bollinger letters, intertwined and blended, creating a unique and splendid design.
With its cosmic dome and starry latticework, the great French architect Jean Nouvel has visualised a dream in the desert.
The group is owned by Latticework Capital and Trive Capital.
The projection of oriel window, enclosed with carved wood latticework, present on the second floor, or higher floors, of a building, often lined with stained glass is called, in Arabic, by Mashrabiya or Shanasheel.
The "Knotted Grotto" is a dome-shaped latticework frame that stands about 10 feet high with an approximately 20-foot circumference and features tens of thousands of white ribbons knotted into a lattice structure.
The model features new headlamp graphics, enlarged auxiliary light position, a new grille treatment, a fresh design for latticework alloy wheels, redesigned rear lamp graphic and new low-set rear reflectors set in bumper.
The palace like structure has a high ceiling decorated with tiles and glitter, and new latticework surrounding the actual tomb-- the kind of latticework seen around many of the tombs of Shiite Imams.
Comprising 15 rooms and two signature suites, the hotel is decorated in bold colours with intricate latticework. Each room offers an interpretation of luxurious Arabic modernism.
With 15 rooms and two signature suites, the hotel is decorated in "bold colours with intricate latticework that capture the imagination and please the eye.