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Synonyms for lattice

Synonyms for lattice

an arrangement of points or particles or objects in a regular periodic pattern in 2 or 3 dimensions

small opening (like a window in a door) through which business can be transacted


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framework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal

References in classic literature ?
It was averred, likewise, that the lattice window, near the Colonel's chair, was open; and that, only a few minutes before the fatal occurrence, the figure of a man had been seen clambering over the garden fence, in the rear of the house.
At length, however, she gave up the attempt, and Jane heard her returning toward the window, beneath which she paused for an instant, and then launched her great weight against the timeworn lattice.
Again and again the lioness repeated these tactics, until finally the horrified prisoner within saw a portion of the lattice give way, and in an instant one great paw and the head of the animal were thrust within the room.
With the subsidence of Esmeralda the lioness renewed her efforts to wriggle her huge bulk through the weakening lattice.
They had returned through the passage and were glaring at him from beyond the lattice. He could see their yellow eyes blazing through the darkness.
Always they stood just beyond the lattice growling their hideous growls or laughing their hideous laughs.
Rearing upon their hind feet they clawed and struck at the lattice. With wide eyes Tibo saw it sag and rock.
``You must not you shall not!'' exclaimed Ivanhoe; ``each lattice, each aperture, will be soon a mark for the archers; some random shaft ''
``this is no maiden's pastime do not expose thyself to wounds and death, and render me for ever miserable for having given the occasion; at least, cover thyself with yonder ancient buckler, and show as little of your person at the lattice as may be.''
He closed the lattice again with a fluttering heart, closed the window and the curtain, hastened to Lucie, and told her that her father was assisted by the people, and gone in search of her husband.
Lefferts, who was known to shrink from discussion, raised his eye-brows with an ironic grimace that warned the other of the watching damsel behind the lattice. Nothing could be worse "form" the look reminded Archer, than any display of temper in a public place.
'Tie it to the lattice. Some of them may see it there.
Like a lattice wrought in lead, Move right across the whitewashed wall
Merely the branch of a fir-tree that touched my lattice as the blast wailed by, and rattled its dry cones against the panes!
He got on to the bed, and wrenched open the lattice, bursting, as he pulled at it, into an uncontrollable passion of tears.