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superior development of one side of the body


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The hypothesis is that a better outcome should occur when the first chiropractic atlas adjustment changes atlas laterality by more than 30% toward the orthogonal upper cervical alignment.
Significant results from five 2-way ANOVAs exploring Laterality and Trial-type for 300-400ms interval
Laterality phenotypes in patients with schizophrenia, their siblings and controls: Associations with clinical and cognitive variables.
Displacing the old indirect/sequential processing and dichotomous laterality paradigms, the coarse coding model predicts that any sentence depending on a close semantic relationship (e.
The relationship between peripheral indices of laterality, especially handedness and schizophrenia (12,13) as well as depression and lateralized cognitive functions (14,15) has been a subject of interest for last couple of decade.
That finding, from a secondary data analysis of 566 children, supports those who suggest that the American Academy of Pediatrics AOM treatment guidelines should be modified to address the issue of laterality and who recommend that antimicrobial treatment be considered for children with both ears affected because they are more likely to fail watchful waiting.
The hand laterality recognition task satisfies this requirement because it involves motor imagery but not movement.
Throughout the last twenty-five years studies have examined changes in electroencephalogram (EEG) laterality as elite athletes have prepared to execute a motor act, such as shooting a bow and arrow or rifle, or performing a golf putt (Bird, 1987; Hatfield, Landers, & Ray, 1984; Hillman, Apparies, Janelle, Hatfield, 2000; see Hatfield, Haufler, Hung, & Spalding, 2004 for a review).
Patient age alone, gender, handedness, stroke laterality, and severity of motor impairments were not significantly associated with raw or adjusted MMSE results.
When an image is made of a body part that can be viewed from either surface, such as a transparent radiograph, or a digitized image that can be electronically inverted, it is possible for laterality to be mistaken.
The mean dose per session was 285 U, with a range of 200-450 U, depending on the patient extension and laterality
When examining more than 5,000 treaties, admittedly macroscopically in the CSDMT, regionalism manifests itself most clearly in the idea of laterality.
The CDC said ICD-10-CM features improvements in content and format over ICD-9-CM and ICD-10, including the addition of information relevant to ambulatory and managed-care encounters; expanded injury codes; the creation of combination diagnosis/symptom codes to reduce the number of codes needed to fully describe a condition; the addition of a sixth character; incorporation of common fourth- and fifth-digit subclassifications; laterality (a classification specifying left and right sides of the brain and body); and greater specificity in code assignment.