lateral pass

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a pass to a receiver upfield from the passer

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Inside backs broke the line through pick and go's (29%) or long lateral passes (24%), and outside backs broke the line upon receiving a skip pass (21%) or a short lateral pass (20%) [[chi square](39) = 86.502, p = 0.000, Cramer's v = 0.2822, moderate].
Call it a "lateral pass kitchen": this 12- by 14-foot addition with a 6- by 12-foot porch relieves pressure from an interior squeeze play.
The Gaels embarked on their final drive keyed by a clutch hook and lateral pass that Luis Feliz and T.J.
Reed and Chase Deadder each had six receptions, including a pair of touchdowns, and Morris Norrise also had six receptions and threw a touchdown pass himself after a lateral pass from Fleming.
However, Kyle Cutler produced the Gaels' next big defensive play, diving on the ball after a muffed Ayer lateral pass hit the ground.
They forced the Vikings to punt from their own seven-yard line and cornerback Gamble, returning the kick, inexplicably decided to throw a wild lateral pass during his return.
Jones added a three-yard touchdown run when he took a lateral pass from Frank Skeen on fourth-and-goal to give Nyssa a 19-0 lead with 1:05 left in the third quarter.
Because of the religious connotations of 'crossing' the ball, players will now be deemed to have made a lateral pass.
On the Falcons' first offensive play Friday, quarterback Nathan Love threw a lateral pass to freshman Mark Forcucci, who took a couple of steps and then completed a 64-yard touchdown pass to a wide open Christian Halstead for a 7-3 lead.
(PHOTO 2) Auburn's Curtis LeBeau dives on the loose ball after fumbling a lateral pass from QB Jon Leroux, but Uxbridge's Steven Albertelli closes in and pounces on LeBeau for a loss.
He made the catch, did well to beat two defenders and reached the ten-yard line - where he inexplicably decided he was Jonny Wilkinson and threw a lateral pass to an unsuspecting Hines Ward.
Whitehead netted 36 yards against Montana, though that included the senior tailback being tagged with a 13-yard loss on a lateral pass from quarterback Kellen Clemens that was ruled a fumble and recovered by Montana.
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