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sense organs of fish and amphibians

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For microtube length and diameter, defined according to characteristics of the project or availability of material, one must calculate the pressure necessary at the inlet of the last emitter of the lateral line to obtain a pre-defined flow rate (Eq.
yunnanensis is distinguished from congeners in having the following combination of characters: skin smooth with complete lateral line, laterosensory pores haphazardly distributed in pairs; mouth sub-terminal with upper jaw slightly longer than the lower one; lips with papillae, adipose-fin short, with a low and smooth outer edge, posterior end of which rounded and separated from dorsal procurrent rays of caudal-fin by a remarkable notch; no pinnate like rays on caudal-fin rays; body depth at anus 14.
We here describe and SEM image the morphology and sculpture of scales, tubercles, and lateral line units (scales and segments), as well as the very small platelets of the distal radials of fins called also swivel-joint platelets.
However, the scarce information on cephalic sensorial pores of body lateral line, transforms an exhaustive comparison in a difficult issue to be achieved, as compared to that described in the present study.
Diagnosis: Dorsal rays XI,9 (1 female paratype with XI1,9); anal rays 111,9; pectoral rays 15; lateral line scales 17+7; median predorsal scales 5; horizontal rows of scales on cheek 2; gill rakers 13-15; body depth 2.
In the towns affected by the North Worcester lateral line, community officials are working with legislators to examine options and the impact on towns from the North Worcester expansion project.
However, electricity alone was not enough: Blocking vision and lateral line prevented sharks from striking, even when they were close enough to sense the prey's electric field.
Beyond its findings connecting specific behaviours with genomic regions, the study also found that the same regions of the genome appear to control both the stickleback's ability to school as well as the anatomy of its lateral line, a system of organs that detect movement and vibration in water, and contain the same sensory hair cells found in the human ear.
presence of a vertically elongate humeral spot that reaches 1 or 2 scales below the lateral line canal); and by having short scales with a rounded posterior margin at the base of the caudal-fin (vs.
Dorsal-fin rays 11-12, rarely 11; anal-fin rays 11; total caudal-fin rays 41-42; dorsal segmented caudal rays 9; ventral segmented caudal rays 10; dorsal procurrent caudal rays 12; ventral procurrent caudal rays 10-11; pelvic-fin rays 8; pectoral-fin rays 11 or 12; total vertebrae 47-49, modally 49; predorsal vertebrae 12 or 13; scales ctenoid; pored lateral-line scales 45-48, modally 47; median predorsal scales 15 or 16; scales above lateral line to dorsal-fin base 3.
Bob George, who does a lot of boat fishing in the area, and arranges the Jim Maidens Memorial matches to raise funds for the lifeboat and air ambulance, said: "Fish have a lateral line and feel vibrations, so it's possible that turbines will scare them.
In addition, gill taker counts, lateral-line pores, and diagonal scale rows below the lateral line all confirm the identity of the specimen as S.
However, we humans don't have a lateral line, so we have to rely on constant communication to track which direction we should move in next.