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Synonyms for later



Synonyms for later

following something else in time

being or occurring in the time ahead

Synonyms for later

coming at a subsequent time or stage

Related Words

at or toward an end or late period or stage of development



happening at a time subsequent to a reference time

at some eventual time in the future


References in classic literature ?
A moment later the sleek, black bodies were racing along the river path, up-stream, toward the east.
Three hours later several canoes came silently into view from up the Ugambi.
A moment later a dozen brutes had leaped upon the surprised Tarzan, and so quickly did they work that he was securely bound before he could make half an effort to escape.
As the full import of my announcement bore in upon them a great cry arose from the decks of the flagship, and a moment later the colors of the Princess of Helium broke from a hundred points upon her upper works.
He tried a dozen times to express his gratitude to me, but his voice choked with emotion and he could not speak, and yet he had, as I was to later learn, a reputation for ferocity and fearlessness as a fighter that was remarkable even upon warlike Barsoom.
A few minutes later he took his place in the Cornish Express.
At Andover, and later at Yale, I had pitched on winning ball teams.
They wore no ornaments; but this I later learned was due to the fact that their captors had stripped them of everything of value.
Later came The Washington Star, which had a wire strung to the Capitol, and thereby gained an hour over its competitors.
The cost of an efficient farm system is now so little-- not more than two dollars a month, that the present trashy lines are certain sooner or later to go to the junk-heap with the sickle and the flail and all the other cheap and unprofitable things.
An instant later he felt the ape-man's steel fingers at his throat, and Paulvitch, who attempted to dodge them and reach the door, was lifted completely off the floor, and hurled senseless into a corner.
An hour later Tarzan, with a rather bulky manuscript in his coat pocket, turned at the door leading from Rokoff's room.
Employed later in the service of the Duchess of Burgundy (sister of Edward IV), his ardent delight in romances led him to translate into English a French
This translation is the more worthy of notice, as it illustrates a custom of common use, both in these and in later times.
Bentley were yet further defended a few years later by Mr.