latent hostility

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feelings of hostility that are not manifest

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The author's latent hostility toward religion comes out in his denigrating depictions of believers.
Hence, aristocratic historians like Tacitus exhibit a latent hostility to emperors like Domitian or Claudius who actually attempted diplomatic solutions rather than campaigns against Rome's enemies.
The information passed down from the ancient sources is rife with overt or, more dangerously, latent hostility, enriched by a good supply of injudicious nonsense.
His reference to 'the tyranny of the sacramental system' implies a latent hostility to Catholicism and a peculiar view of the Sacraments.
Were Major Hess-Von Kruedener and his colleagues deliberately assassinated because they reported or witnessed atrocities, were they the unfortunate victims of an unintended (although obviously not unpredictable) mistake, were their deaths due to the latent hostility that marks much of Israel's interactions with the UN, or is the truth a mix of these and/or other possibilities?
He decried the persistent 'closed door' mode of foreign policy-making in New Zealand and noted that under Labour 'a degree of latent hostility to the United States [is] an essential prerequisite to an independent New Zealand foreign policy" These faults his party would like to change.
There is also, in the pleasing visual rhythms of the floor, a kind of latent hostility.
As if the presence of stones on the track - rather smaller than those at Stonehenge but, a week on, still almost as mysterious - for the inaugural all-weather card were not enough, yesterday it was the stalls that demonstrated their latent hostility.
Be aware of your behavior, tone of voice, and any latent hostility or other issues that might influence others' behavior negatively.
But the Glorious Revolution transformed this latent hostility into a fond dependence on the monarchy that lasted through early 1776.
According to this mode of analysis, the events that take place in Obando can certainly be interpreted as representative of a latent hostility against a colonial order sustained behind the facade of Christianity: devils, familiars and Spaniards are, after all, one in Seberina's consciousness.
In my own research, which has brushed over Wallace in his early years as governor, I have come across one strikingly succinct formulation of his original secret, written in 1964 by an awestruck Alabama reporter struggling to explain the success of Wallace's first speeches outside the South: "He gave every hearer a chance to transmute a latent hostility toward the Negro into a hostility toward big government.
Biographers have commented on Christina's latent hostility to Lucy, which she tried, not always successfully, to overcome.
Other authors also proposed that frustrated incidents in organizations may lead to employee latent hostility (e.
But I have to admit that news of US immigration's refusal to allow Paul Carberry to enter the country to ride in the Grade 1 Meadow Brook Hurdle at Belmont Park last Thursday reawakened a certain latent hostility towards the Land of the Free and some of the more objectionable people who inhabit it.