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the mechanical energy that a body has by virtue of its position

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Instead, this load is handled by recovering sensible energy through the heat exchanger, and by supplying thermal energy in the desiccant regeneration cycle to remove latent energy. Using TMY-3 data for southeast Michigan, the theoretical annual energy savings can be estimated by comparing cooling coil loads in both the upgraded system and the standard system.
Verda, "Numerical analysis of a medium scale latent energy storage unit for district heating systems," Energy, vol.
Limitations exist for reliable metrics to capture the amount of latent energy per unit area (e.g., satellite data correction, insufficient buoy coverage etc.,) in addition to computing reliable approximations of energy conversion-transfer values during any given tropical cyclone.
The latent energy penalty at the cooling coil is closer to constant for several months of the year in humid climates.
Two hydro-electric generators were also installed at Kielder dam to convert latent energy into electricity for the national grid.
As I gradually embraced this latent energy in myself, a new level of confidence emerged in me.
Muscat, Sep 29 (ONA) The Latent Energy of Human Resources conference of Oman Oil Refineries & Petroleum Industries Company (Orpic) was heldat Al Bustan Palace Hotel today under the auspices of Sheikh Khalid bin Omar al- Marhoon, Minister of Civil Service.
The quality, consistency, density, and imperfection captured in each trace make it feel as if it had just been drawn, lending it a latent energy that unexpectedly echoes within the other almost-still body in the room: that of the viewer.
Waste water treatment at sewage works uses a lot of energy, yet the latent energy stored in Northumbrian Water's works is more than four times the amount required for treatment.
Kundalini yoga, introduced to the West by Yogi Bhajan in 1968, is an intensely spiritual and comprehensive style of yoga that integrates chant, meditation, hatha yoga, diet, and breath to facilitate releasing the latent energy, called kundalini, that sits at the base of the spine.
Most of this youth has little or no vocational and life skills, there is a need to provide for their health, education, and livelihood, and to engage them in activities which convert their latent energy into positive outcomes for the family, community, state and the global community", remarked Mr Francesco d' Ovidio, Country Director ILO.
Indeed, crossing the border for any reason revealed the existence of a latent energy for discovery within us, which came suddenly from beyond our senses.
In one project, General Atomics is developing a method for storing the thermal energy produced by a CSP system in chemical bonds, which promises significantly higher energy storage density than sensible and latent energy storage methods.
A former SeaLife Center employee read a report about sea water pumps being used in Japan and suggested SeaLife Center officials consider tapping into the latent energy in Resurrection Bay as a power source.