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key for raising or drawing back a latch or opening an outside door

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Furthermore, many couples could house and feed their family without both parties being forced to work - latchkey kids were not yet the norm.
There was no way we were going to get fat doing that, but many latchkey kids do so now because they eat more junk food and don't do a two-mile hike three days a week.
Ever since women went to work in droves in the 70s, leaving a legion of latchkey kids to fend for themselves (yes, I'm looking at you, Mom!), women have experienced an unequal playing field.
KEN SEARGEANT, Redcar dogs that I refer to as "latchkey dogs".
He turns his crooked latchkey, Pushes open the grubby flat door, These days living quietly all alone No one wants to know him anymore.
"Jeremiah Lucky and the Guardian Angel" is a wholesome chapter book for children who understand latchkey loneliness and the pains of growing up.
"We received feedback that we needed additional services, such as latchkey and other opportunities outside of school," says Burger.
She is faced with the chatter of her latchkey child, about whom she has worried all the livelong day.
Ninety-eight percent of children served by Boys & Girls Clubs would be "latchkey kids"--home alone and unsupervised during the hours that statistically show the incidence of juvenile crime rising--if they did not attend the Clubs.
Now, the Video Doorman System has been enhanced with several new features, including forced entry notification, door ajar notification and latchkey child notification to parents when their children come home from school.
Types of risk accepted: Commercial children's daycare centers, children's camps, Head Start programs, nursery schools, latchkey programs, mental health clinics, drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics, family counseling clinics, sheltered workshops, adoption agencies, Goodwill/Salvation Army and similar facilities.
ATTENTION all you double lock checkers, you latchkey obsessers, you cooker door botherers, you toilet seat hoverers.
ERIC Descriptors: Educational Opportunities; Educational Policy; After School Programs; Program Descriptions; Access to Education; School Business Relationship; Family Work Relationship; State Policy; State Action; Information Sources; Child Care; Latchkey Children; Child Advocacy; Leadership Role
He lived in a street where each house was alike; This night ev'rything went amiss, His latchkey he dung to, the railings he hung to, The cause of the trouble was this Chorus Two little brandies and sodas, four little drops of Scotch, Six little houses all alike--hadn't a lucifer match to strike.