last not least

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in addition to all the foregoing

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This is true especially for international comparison and the study of transnational transfers, but also for various new topics such as international migration, the international growth and crisis of cities, the internationalisation of consumption and popular culture, transnational social movements and international human rights policy, and last not least the history of the images of the other.
Negotiating with Dennis Kay's work on the Shakespearean ending as well as with cultural anthropologists' work on liminality, Weimann reveals how endings that do not quite end are part of the "two-way traffic" (245) that his book has explored: "a spell of liminaliry, as I have suggested, thrived in the play's opening but also in transitions between different uses of theatrical space and, last not least, in divergent projections of temporality, when the move from time represented to the time of and for representation was at least by implication a liminal act" (244).
And last not least in terms of international influence.