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the name used to identify the members of a family (as distinguished from each member's given name)

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E[currency]iE-li's 1st Civil Court of First Instance rejected her suit in 2007 on the grounds that Article 187 of Turkey's Civil Code compels women to take their husband's last name, or use it alongside their maiden name, after getting married.
The father raised the points that the child had extended contact with her father's family, and that the child was not moving to a new community to begin a new life (if a child is moving to a new community, the child may be embarrassed to explain why the child has a different last name than the parent the child lives with).
Example: Last name ECHOLS E C H O An animal Elephant Cougar Hamster Otter A boy's name Edward Charles Henry Oliver A girl's name Elise Christine Henrietta Ophelia Occupation Education Cook Harrier Obstetrics A color Ecru Charcoal Hazel Orange L S An animal Lion Seal A boy's name Leo Stanley A girl's name Lisa Susan Occupation Law Soldier A color Lilac Salmon
Giggling uncontrollably, Mr Henry repeatedly mocked the last name of Chief Minister Dikshit on the breakfast show.
When choosing a last name, Petrow advises to use what works best for you, your partner--and any children you may raise.
Currently, women have the statutory right in all fifty states to change their last name upon marriage.
I AM trying to trace my family who are from Wales and have the last names Parry, John and Coleman.
His parents offered to change Max's last name to his mother's maiden name but changed their minds.
SACRAMENTO -- Suppose you are a husband who, upon marriage, would rather take your wife's last name.
Indexes for cross-referencing include top legal officer by last name and by law school; companies by rank, location and industry; in-house chief counsel by last name and practice area; law firms by location, practice area and the companies who selected them.
I heard his last name was created from his ancestry.
Alphabetized by the last name of each given slaveowner or overseer, The 1850 Census Of Georgia Slave Owners states nothing more than the owner's name, their county, and the number of slaves owned in each entry.
In "The Business of Art" feature (February 2006), the last name of the founder of The Boys Choir of Harlem was spelled incorrectly.
As the planning continues, you also notice that many of the voters to be called for support happen to have the same last name as the local elected representative.
For starters, her last name is pronounced paz-KOH-gin.