last minute

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the latest possible moment

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marched to the last minute in accordance with his gravitation.
At the last minute, when the social machine was clogged hopelessly, one member or other of the family poured in a drop of oil.
At the last minute I saw the great blades move to reverse her, yet on she came as though drawn by some mighty, irresistible power.
At the last minute there was some delay while we sought a name for her.
No," she replied; "at the last minute he determined to drive his machine back to New York.
That everyone sat round and heard all about the voyage home how the Captain had set his heart on getting there in time to keep Christmas; how everything had conspired to thwart his plan; and how, at the very last minute, he had managed to do it, and had sent a telegram to Archie, bidding him keep the secret, and be ready for his father at any moment, for the ship got into another port, and he might be late.
Worse still, she was privately conscious that he had, somehow or other, risen, rather than fallen, in her estima tion within the last minute or two.
Almost half of Britons (43%) plan to leave their Christmas gift shopping to the last minute, a separate survey by VoucherCodes and Opinium found.
The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time of the year, but making Thanksgiving and Christmas travel arrangements can bring about a ton of stress, especially when planning trips at the last minute.
Nicholas Perry: "They should have registered weeks ago, why wait until the last minute anyway?
I'M not for one second suggesting that you will all leave everything until the last minute this Christmas but you could - since last delivery dates are getting closer and closer to the big day itself.
NOTE: Consumers who indicated they'd ever booked a last minute room on New Year's Eve were not required to choose a single reason for booking a New Year's Eve hotel room at the last minute via mobile.
As of midday on 8 February 2012 no long-haul flights had been cancelled and on the medium-haul routes last minute cancellations concerned only 5% of this morning's flights.
Travel Business Review-November 1, 2011--TownePlace Suites San Antonio Downtown Hotel Announces Last Minute Weekend Rates(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
And political consultant Bill Carrick said many absentee voters also wait until the last minute to cast their ballots.