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the one most recently mentioned

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Here's the link if you need a reminder (it was last mentioned about 1,000 words ago, after all).
When you last mentioned certain tricky issues, nobody seemed concerned, so you ignored these.
Firstly, we would seek a recommitment from the next UK Government on the North Wales Growth Deal, which was last mentioned by the Chancellor in the March budget," he said.
One said that the passage terminated in Cardiff Castle, and that he had heard of a bandmaster employed therein, who entered the passage, and walked on until he found himself in the Cardiff Arms Hotel wine cellar; another friend said that he remembered, when a boy, a man going from the castle to the last mentioned place.
The last mentioned three have previously spent actual prison sentences, ranging between 4 to 9 years, in Israeli jails.
The last mentioned in that illustrious list provides my one quibble with the Civic as, despite looking great from the outside, it obstructs the driver's view by cutting the tailgate window in half.
For example, Weston is able to perform a quantitative analysis of prescriptions, such as purging, enemas, opiates, and blood-letting, surprisingly finding that the last mentioned, often considered ubiquitous by medical historians, was prescribed in only half of his cases.
Obama last mentioned the brutality of the Assad regime in a September speech to the United Nations, where he said the only lasting solution to Syria's civil war would be "an inclusive political transition.
Users of the last mentioned mobile OS were however, not provided with Live Caller ID till now.
Zais has the option to cover up to 50% of the last mentioned consideration through stock.
But remember, it's a fairly lengthy time since I last mentioned it to him.
Since I last mentioned the new members of my household, they have gained names, and their personalities have become more distinct.
The last mentioned was the official reason cited in the petition filed before the apex court by PML-N.
Perhaps it was the last mentioned that made him 'groovy' in Cowasjee's estimation, because he was often seen at social gatherings and house parties, holding his own on subjects close to his heart, the most important being the issues of honor killings, karo-kari, bonded labor and missing persons.
He is last mentioned in government records in February 1416, by which time he may already have been dead.