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the second of two halves of play


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FSA figures indicate that Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC) was the most complained about bank in the last half of 2011.
1 made several superb saves in the last half hour as Annan piled forward.
They then stirred each mixture for several hours at room temperature, exposing the mixtures to air only during the last half of the process.
I was locked into a crooked grind when the last half of a man--thin hair, a hunched back--began to spit rhetoric about my lack of historical deference.
served as social reformers and Baptist prophets; leaders of Christian Life Commissions provided ethical and moral guidance for Baptists; and Billy Graham served as America's preacher and pastor during the last half of the twentieth century.
Practices Of Dialogue In The Roman Catholic Church is particularly recommended reading for seminarians, clergy, theologians, and the laity in their study of the practices and specifics of the Catholic Church during the last half of the twentieth century and the opening decade of the twenty-first.
For the last half century, City Hall has actively promoted a policy of putting all the worst blight, environmental hazards and public-health risks into this single, much-abused community.
Reading the last half of this book, however, might stimulate some of these teachers to think again.
Moving in for a rear quarter missile shot, he then reversed his turn into the flight path of Dash-3, who he'd been belly-up to during the last half of the attack on the F-16.
My one regret is that your copy editor didn't put quotation marks around the last half of paragraph three, making it appear as my words and not George's.
The last half of the book features more than 100 recipes for everything from gluten-free baked goods to soy-flee entrees and spreads.
3] (Mondays in last half of the month) + [[epsilon].
The six chapters that follow chronicle the growth of the environmental movement and the role of private and public institutions and their leaders in the last half of the 20th century.
6% more in sales than last year, with more sales in the last half of 2003 than in the first half of 2000, the peak of the luxury real estate market;
Its bars and restaurants change hands rapidly, but one institution which has remained unchanged over the last half century is the cake-shops of Acland Street, with their delectable displays.