last gasp

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the point of death or exhaustion or completion

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I slept two nights in the open air, and wandered about two days without crossing a threshold: but twice in that space of time did I taste food; and it was when brought by hunger, exhaustion, and despair almost to the last gasp, that you, Mr.
I loaded all my cannon, as I called them - that is to say, my muskets, which were mounted upon my new fortification - and all my pistols, and resolved to defend myself to the last gasp - not forgetting seriously to commend myself to the Divine protection, and earnestly to pray to God to deliver me out of the hands of the barbarians.
It was one evening, when being brought, as I may say, to the last gasp, I think I may truly say I was distracted and raving, when prompted by I know not what spirit, and, as it were, doing I did not know what or why, I dressed me (for I had still pretty good clothes) and went out.
Therefore, I will fight it out to the last gasp, with her and for her, here, in the open field.
"It would be like you if you used up our last gasp of oxygen in abusing each other.
"He is almost at his last gasp, yet he corrupts others.
"The current was more rapid now, the steamer seemed at her last gasp, the stern-wheel flopped languidly, and I caught myself listening on tiptoe for the next beat of the float, for in sober truth I expected the wretched thing to give up every moment.
And he who roused this consciousness in them showed them at the same time, by every word he spoke in the pulpit, and by his whole daily life, how that battle was to be fought, and stood there before them their fellow-soldier and the captain of their band--the true sort of captain, too, for a boy's army--one who had no misgivings, and gave no uncertain word of command, and, let who would yield or make truce, would fight the fight out (so every boy felt) to the last gasp and the last drop of blood.
Battling Bees had looked well on course for a five-point maximum but cracked right at the death as Clifton clinched a last gasp converted try.
"Last Gasp" is a novel that resonates with today's politics and unfolds in a way that mingles personal and societal issues and intertwines the past and present while moving relentlessly forward.
LAST GASP RESCUE Harry Kane shows his delight after heading England to World Cup win last night
MARK McGHEE admits Motherwell have a mental problem that must be fixed after watching his side floored by a last gasp goal for the sixth time this season.