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All Lassie League players then moved to the Middle School diamonds and played a series of scrimmages.
During Operation Lassie, a thorough search of the barracks and POVs was performed by nine MWD teams.
release of indie pic "Lassie," Classic Media (home of the franchise) has unveiled a natural dog food and treat line named after the beloved canine.
Rather than creating a normal licensing relationship with private label pet products manufacturer Sunshine Mills, the companies formed a joint venture to develop and market Lassie pet products.
Classic Media, which owns the Lassie licensed property, has partnered with two pet nutritionists and the current Lassie's veterinarian to develop a premium dog food line that will not be sold to pet superstores.
It was named top dog in the survey almost 70 years after it first appeared in author Eric Knight's short story Lassie Come Home.
The extras include a director commentary, 'The Real Lassie' featurette, deleted scenes, out-takes, and screen tests
BRITISH director Charles Sturridge brings the resourceful pooch to a new generation with a remake of the 1943 classic Lassie Come Home.
BRITISH director Charles Sturridge brings the resourceful Lassie to a whole new generation of cinemagoers with his remake of the 1943 classic Lassie Come Home.
After seeing Lassie with her daughter, she said: "I'll be sad to see it go."
And last week Lassie visited Birmingham where she gave an exclusive interview to the Sunday Mercury.
As she puts it, "There's always an individual dog that can do some specific job, but it took a whole bunch of collies to replace the original Lassie." Thus far, nearly a dozen scat-sniffing dogs have been used successfully in the field, with several more in training.
Lassie Gloria Cordes hurled and lost the opener, but pitchers Nancy Warren and Elaine Roth won games two and three, respectively.
The ultimate, perfect touch: a soulful collie - Lassie - cavorts beside the lavender Caro.
So you want your dog to be like Lassie? The handler of the world's most famous canine star offers some training tips.