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electrostatic printer that focuses a laser beam to form images that are transferred to paper electrostatically

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Asia/Pacific (Including Japan) Laser Printer Unit Shipments
Demand for laser printers is increasing, especially for office use, because they provide such advantages as high printing speed, low running cost and printability on any types of paper.
According to George, however, laser printer ink wouldn't be durable enough for legal tender.
Base configuration price of the Xerox Phaser 5400 MICR-Enhanced Laser Printer Solution from ACOM, Model One is $4,796; Model Two, $5,295, F.
Depending on how frequently you use the printer, that $99 inkjet could end up costing you more than a laser printer.
A small company which wants better quality for their correspondence does not have to go for a top of the line laser printer for what they need.
5 million in 2006, it is the largest distributor of computer laser printer parts.
Thanks to new noise-reduction techniques and advances in printer control languages, many dot-matrix printers run as quietly as laser printers and offer laserlike quality.
The Phaser ( [R] ) 3124 compact black-and-white laser printer that offers fast, high-quality printing.
Qualified MicroAge resellers will be authorized to sell the Xerox 4900 Color Laser Printer, which delivers unprecedented full-color image resolution and speeds, and was named a "PC Computing" MVP Award Finalist.
Printronix's L7032 laser printer is fast and efficient, printing 32 pages-per-minute at high resolution and yielding a high toner capacity.
June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX), starting with today's introduction of the industry's lowest- cost color laser printer, has launched an initiative that redefines how the company will develop and deliver some of its new products.
The Dell Color Laser 3110cn is the newest addition to Dell's next generation laser printer portfolio, featuring new Dell printer management tools such as ColorTrack(TM)2 and OpenManage(TM) Printer Manager that are designed to make color printing more affordable, manageable and accessible than ever for workgroups large and small.
CCSI) today introduced its new, high end offering in a growing line of value-driven laser printers for the small office and home office market (SOHO) -- the LBP-860 Business Laser Printer.