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an insecticide that kills the larvae of insects

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Labiofam produces an array of products alongside Biorat, from cancer treatments made from the stings of scorpions, larvacides that target mosquitoes, pesticides, even a probiotic range of yoghurt.
These breeding sites were treated with larvacide and mapped for future reference.
Since we're not going to be able to go out and follow up on that complaint of 'My neighbor's pond is collecting mosquitoes,' we want to have information available to the public on what to do about standing water, how to larvacide a pond.
Once they find the abandoned vessels, Operation Blessing volunteers either spray the water with a bacterial larvacide or stock it with mosquitofish, which can eat as many as 100 larvae a day.
Possible uses include a mosquito larvacide, a molluscicide to rein in the prolific zebra mussel that's fouling water supplies in the Great Lakes, and a mildew-zapping bathroom product.
Treat small ponds with larvacide and consider stocking larger ponds with larva eating fish as additional control.
Encourage local officials to treat small ponds with larvacide, and consider stocking larger ponds with larva-eating fish as additional control.
Many garden centers sell commercially made, doughnut-shaped mosquito dunks or granulated products containing this fast-acting biological larvacide.