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Synonyms for largish

Synonyms for largish

somewhat large


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If you have a good, dark sky, look midway between Pollux and Regulus for a strange, largish, very dim blur of light.
Lia Darby said of the findings "We are very happy with the results as we have interesting gold numbers to follow up with discovery potential and a largish nickel anomaly to further define.
In Werner Herzog's film Fitzcarraldo, hundreds of South American Indians are tasked with hauling a largish steamship over a largish mountain.
It wasn't very busy when we arrived but it soon became clear why they wanted us there early as the place soon filled up, due partly to a couple of largish parties.
The display completely dominates the device, for there's nothing else, other than a largish bezel and of course the buttons on the top.
Spirax Sarco is one of the unsung names of UK engineering, a rare survivor among that breed of largish, mid-cap, publicly quoted groups decimated by takeover, dismemberment and relocation to offshored venues.
Mark out a picture of one face once, try to use a largish image of that person's face when you are marking it out, it can dramatically improve later results and Picasa then starts crawling through your folders for all images of that person.
The information is broken up into largish categories of Space, Earth, Dinosaurs (ever popular), Plants, Animals, Human Body, Science and Technology, Transport, Places, Society and Culture, and History.
She went inside the storeroom and emerged with a largish brown-coloured carry bag.
There are quite a few rather largish spec houses for sale in my neighborhood, and while they are nicely done, about the only people who can afford them these days want to downsize.
Tools: Crocks (pieces of broken pot or largish stones), trowel or soil scoop, small watering can, apron - gardening can get messy.
Last week, amid stock market crashes, I had lunch with a university colleague who lamented that he and his wife had a "largish" amount of cash banked in the United Kingdom.
On a single day, a largish Newmarket yard could have two or three boxes at day or evening meetings and two or three going to, at, or returning from overnight meetings - and maybe one or two abroad.
A dwarf variety such as Red Spur or its mate Golden Spur will crop heavily in a largish (say 2ft diameter) pot and cost only about pounds 15.