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Synonyms for largeness

the quality or state of being large in amount, extent, or importance

Synonyms for largeness

the capacity to understand a broad range of topics

large or extensive in breadth or importance or comprehensiveness

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the quality of being pretentious (behaving or speaking in such a manner as to create a false appearance of great importance or worth)

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The colour white is especially good for a small room as its great quality provides the room an illusion of largeness. This will permit you to easier find a good duvet cover or comforter for the bed or window curtains that are innovative and modern looking without making the room look small and crowded.
Like Ghalib, Hacker personalizes the ghazal with the first and second person and uses image to enhance the energy of the radif; often the images work as metaphors, are associative, and carry the irony of the contraries, as the following couplets in which a receding bus (full of sodden passengers) is a subdued image despite its physical largeness because it is elusive and represents a departure, in comparison to the next couplet in which a small motorcycle makes a noise that shatters the speaker (like the beloved's absence).
We would want it to be a triumph of the human spirit against the forces of evil; a triumph of wisdom and largeness of spirit against small minds and pettiness; a triumph of courage and determination over human frailty and weakness; a triumph of the new South Africa over the old."
There is a sort of largesse to a grand hotel that, along with their actual physical largeness, allows interlopers to roam.
The authors cover hyperbolic spaces and group actions, relative presentations and isoperimetric functions, isolated components in geodesic polygons, rotating families and windmills, hyperbolic cone-off, WPD elements and elementary subgroups, hyperbolically embedded virtually free subgroups, rotating families from small cancellation subgroups, Dhen filling, diagram surgery, largeness properties, and a wide variety of other related subjects and topic areas.
These patient safety (harm) numbers are very large, and while this often gets the attention of major healthcare-related organizations and payors, the media, and the general public, the largeness of the numbers is also a problem in that the numbers are so big that they are hard to relate to.
MY ESSAY EXAMINES Shakespeare's 1593 narrative poem Venus and Adonis, arguing that Venus's physical largeness is essential to the construction of a female-centered queer erotics in the poem.
In the context of MENA, escalating project costs stemmed from the concurrent inflation of the main price components of EPC therefore, to the IEA s input factors, one should add contractors margins, project risk premiums and the cost of excessive largeness, with the implication of diseconomy of scale due to delays and cost overruns.
What unites these constellations (other than their overall faintness and largeness) is that they all represent things associated with water.
'After this great liberator is laid to rest and we return our daily routines let us search for his strength, his largeness of spirit ..let us think of Madiba..and the words that brought him comfort in his cell.
Does the opposition have a point about the largeness and unwieldiness of the [current] bill?
Therefore, it is not the largeness of land mass and neither the population size as some people may think that makes Abyei a special case with distinct geo-political status.
And then there is the sheer largeness of heart in her portraits of friends, as in her fond remembrance of Janet Case, her beloved Greek teacher, and, most notably, her obituary for Lady Ottoline Morrell.
The glitch has occured in a major heating pipe, which accounts for the largeness of the affected area.
It quickly becomes clear that Big Ray's largeness is not benign.