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Largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides are among the most sought after sport fish in the United States.
Just as largemouths aren't native to Massachusetts, they're also not native to Japan.
That sort of movement frequently seems irresistible to largemouths, agrees Wainwright.
For largemouths, try plastic worms "Texas rigged" to avoid snags in heavy cover; black or purple is a good color to start with.
Most smallmouths left Cumberland Bay within two months, while less than half of the largemouths left the bay, and those that did took over 2 months to do so.
In all, 7,041 largemouth bass and 1,263 smallmouth bass were caught in tournament competition in 2006, down from the 8,774 largemouths and 1,653 smallmouths caught in 2004.
Although largemouth bass have less-defined winter areas in lakes, in some rivers, like the Hudson, they have very well-defined winter areas where they concentrate.
In three of the study lakes, invertebrates were more prevalent in the diets of largemouths and walleyes in May and June, making up 28 to 93 percent of the diets by weight.
Trophy calico bass and perch are being jigged up at Quaboag and Cedar Lake in Sturbridge; while trout are providing the action at Big Alum in Sturbridge; Cedar Lake and Quaboag have also produced some nice pickerel in recent days; and, trophy largemouth bass are popping through the ice at all of the ponds in the area.
Derby congrats: The bad news for Todd Holder of Oak View and Louie Marietta of Oxnard during Saturday's WON BASS-Southern California Region team tournament at Ventura's Lake Casitas is they only landed two largemouths on the heavy, 9-inch Castaic Soft Trout they threw all day.
And like most San Diego County waters, Cuyamaca has Florida-strain largemouths.
They conclude that fight intensity is likely not a major driver of physiological stress of largemouths using typical angling gear, due to relatively short fight times.
2) Planting of bass at Eastside Reservoir began in February, when Department of Fish and Game biologist Mike Giusti stocked 50 largemouths in its 80-acre pond.
Jig Secrets for Winter Largemouths Icing Scud Country Perch Float Options for Crappies
To target its bass, one must be prolific at fishing fast water for smallmouths and slower flows for largemouths.