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If you were watching the news and saw a large person waddling down the street from behind, a) you would probably recognise your home town and b) you would definitely recognise the clothes you were wearing.
What then of this dim plan, when my wife and I decide to stroll down to Whitchurch village for an evening meal or a drink in our local hostelry, will we have to engage the services of a large person with a cudgel in one hand and a lantern in the other to keep us safe from footpads and highwaymen or will we have to travel in groups as in a convoy - hopefully not.
Genevieve Lewis, 68, from Ludlow, Shropshire, says: 'In my 20s I was painfully selfconscious about my body and as a large person I never wanted to be the centre of attention.
That is not because the cosmos looks like a very large human person or because there is some large person hovering just beyond the cosmos.
Does any halfway literate modern person still imagine that there is a large person with a beard who lives in the sky and is watching us?
In other words, the average small person is not just a scaled version of the average large person. In the case of knee implants, for example, the sizing of the implant commonly is determined entirely based on a single measurement--the antero-posterior (AP) dimension, with all other dimensions simply scaling with the AP measurement.
This is a knife that will be comfortable to a large person with big hands, instill great confidence to one with average sized mitts, and will feel like a hand axe to those with small paws.
'You should not overwhelm the petite person and you shouldn't underwhelm the large person." Some textures and patterns work on every body.
Once before a speech, I was introduced with: "Professor Haberman has published 200 articles." A large person in the first row grumbled, "And how many are worth reading?" I began my speech by answering his question.
So remember: next time you pick on a large person with a moustache wearing fish-net stockings, be careful, it could be a cage-fighter either that or Sandi Toksvig on a 'girlie' night out.
He notices a very large person walking nearby and he wonders, if he throws this person over onto the tracks the train will be stopped and the 5 people saved.
He began explaining to me that he felt that a large truck backed up to the garage door and a large person forced entry through the side door ...
There is tremendous anguish and restlessness, perspiration, and heart palpitations, which may also be brought on by the claustrophobic conditions in economy class or when sitting next to a very large person without being able to get to the aisle.
This isn't a huge problem for me, as I'm quite small, but a large person with big feet might find it a bit tight.
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