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Synonyms for lard

soft white semisolid fat obtained by rendering the fatty tissue of the hog

prepare or cook with lard

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Then they either sold ashes to soapmakers or proceeded with their own lard soap recipes.
Make dough: Using a mixer with the whisk attachment, whip lard on low speed, then increase to high, until lard is as fluffy as frosting, about 5 minutes.
For a collection of lard lore and recipes--including a lard pie crust recipe--read a review of Grit's book Lard at http://goo.
Hence, products that contained lard have to be clearly stated in food labelling.
Cut the butter and lard into small pieces and freeze until well chilled.
Lard Friese has been appointed vice-chairman of ING Insurance.
Washington, August 8 ( ANI ): Scientists have developed a new method through which vegetable and animal fats and oils - ranging from lard to waste cooking oil - can be converted to a key ingredient for making plastics that currently comes from petroleum, according to scientists.
Summary: A German pensioner has eaten a tin of lard he recieved as part of an aid package in 1948.
The objective of this work is to investigate the impact of monoglycerols, stearic and oleic acids on tribological and plastic properties of the greases of rapeseed oil (RO) and lard (L).
Mexican scientists determined what impact replacing pork lard with emulsified oil would have on the yield, texture, spreadability, color and oxidative rancidity of pate.
Donald Pilon (D-Saco) correctly described one contender, the Whoopie Pie, as a "frosting delivery vehicle" that "lists lard as its primary ingredient.