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Police say the driver of this Ford Focus was lucky to escape after ploughing into a hedge on the A177 between Sedgefield and Thorpe Larches
For buyers of the four-bedroom detached Humber house at The Larches, priced PS292,000, the developer will lay carpet throughout.
Louise Caldwell, west of Scotland sales director, said: "The Larches is a fantastic development.
Many larches have been felled as efforts to halt the spread of Phytophthora ramorum go on, but it is feared the rate of felling is too low
The Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics (BBL) has launched a project competition for architects assisted by a civil engineer and a landscape architect, to be offered a solution for the expansion of the High School building Place of larches of the Federal Office of Sports (FOSPO) in Magglingen.
The group, from The Larches on Riverside Dene, formerly Cruddas Park, spent four months taking part in Green Living sessions organised by Groundwork South Tyneside & Newcastle.
That's partly because Larches Green is low profile and not a 'real' park.
I too had such a lovely upbringing in Larches Street, Sparkbrook, just around the corner to the picture from Tillingham Street.
By the height larches surpass the native spruce, pine and birch.
The Larches in spring push out their separate bundles of Leaves
Eventually, dwarf mistletoe plants steal enough water, minerals, and nutrients to kill the ponderosa and lodgepole pines, Douglas-firs, western larches, and western hemlocks they attack.
Larches are deciduous pine trees that grow throughout East Asia.
Janet and David Buchanan have been running the Eden fancy dress and costume shop at Thorpe Larches for 12 years.
Larches in Wales' largest ancient forest, Wentwood Forest, near Newport, Gwent, have been confirmed as infected with Phytophthora ramorum, a fungus-like disease which causes extensive damage and death to trees.
We believe it may be linked to similar burglaries in Larches Road and Sutton Park Road, in Kidderminster, over the last few days.