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Synonyms for larcenist

Synonyms for larcenist

a person who commits larceny


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The special argot bespoke a fraternity with shared affinities extending beyond child larcenists.
Unless, of course, it happens to be a convicted larcenist with AIDS.
See CHILDS, supra note 1, [section] 337 (distinguishing between the larcenist of found goods and the converter of found goods on the basis of the actor's intent); see also, e.
94 times greater than that for an embezzler with a mean income, while the analogous bank larcenist faces a 2.
Islamists obtained power prior to planning for ruling people and want to impose Shariah just to apply Islamic penalty of amputating the hands of larcenists, confine women freedom, restricting human rights and stressed tolerance for other religion.
If he hadn't already made a Prohibition-era Western called "Lawless," director John Hillcoat might as well have saved that title for "Triple 9," a modern-day heist thriller of unusually grim, coiled intensity: About as far removed as possible from the suave leisure-suit larcenists of an "Ocean's Eleven" caper, the desperate crooks trying to pull off one last job here are a bunch of corrupt cops and ex-soldiers in Atlanta, navigating a shadowy urban labyrinth with no chance of escape or redemption in sight.
It's definitely not the scot-free bankers and the Royal Mailprivatising Tory larcenists.
According to Tehranian, copyright law has turned everyone into "grand larcenists.