laptop computer

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a portable computer small enough to use in your lap


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The LD190G and LD220 are products based on a new concept that focuses on usability and connectivity to a laptop computer.
gave Dell latitude laptop computers to all 170 of its freshmen students in its School of Arts & Sciences and School of Nursing this fall.
A full-sized workstation at the reference desk would present a security problem after the librarians leave for the day; the laptop computer leaves the desk when the librarian does.
Kistle often uses his Hewlett-Packard 110 laptop computer for composing and editing.
Vendor shall provide authentic, genuine, factory certified laptop computers with genuine software only.
when the laptop computer went through the security checkpoint.
Antelope Valley, Quartz Hill, Littlerock and Desert Winds high schools have been selected by the California Department of Education to receive money to set up new computer labs, enhance media centers in the library and a buy a laptop computer cart for all freshmen classes.
A janitor has pleaded guilty to grand theft of thousands of dollars of office equipment, after police secretly videotaped him hiding a laptop computer in a trash bin and wheeling it out the door.
PHOTO (1--Color) Sandra Hernandez Adams of Miami uses encryption devices to protect the data on her laptop computer following a theft from her car.
A Palmdale man and his girlfriend were arrested after authorities found more than 5,000 blank credit cards, a laptop computer and a multitude of drugs and drug manufacturing supplies and equipment.
When student Connie Chavez produced a slick informational brochure about volcanoes on the planet Venus using her laptop computer, little did she know her work would end up in the Smithsonian Institution.
Constance Riedinger, who commutes weekly from Burbank to her home in Mill Valley, toted a briefcase, a suitcase with wheels, a laptop computer, a small purse and an overcoat on board.