laptop computer

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a portable computer small enough to use in your lap


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The prevalence in the use of laptop computer in Nigeria has continued to increase, yet the maintenance practices and skills of the devices at their down-time seems not professionally increasing.
There is a need to investigate current practice of laptop computer among professional computer operators and their musculoskeletal health problems.
"However, most laptop computer screens are 15 inches or less.
However, when he emerged, he was carrying a sweatshirt and a laptop computer. Battey ordered Burke to flee the scene as quickly as possible.
"In return, the e-mail promises a laptop computer. We would urge people not to respond to these sort of e-mails as they are scams the majority of the time.
Laptop computers can get very warm when used a lot and if the heat warms up the genital area too much it could theoretically affect his sperm count.
He said Prendergast, who was on licence from jail at the time, had targeted student accommodation to steal easily sold equipment, such as laptop computers.
This bag is capable of carrying needed "bail out" tactical gear, as well as paperwork, Posse box, extra weapons, or laptop computer. Now you won't need to carry multiple bags.
A Canon desktop computer and a Toshiba laptop computer were taken.
Kay participated in the development era number of technologies that we now take for granted, including the laptop computer, Ethernet, laserprinting, modern word processing, client-servers, and P2P networking.
Having your laptop computer stolen is a massive inconvenience, no matter how often or well you back-up.
He and his blue demon sidekick, Melchoir (who also is his laptop computer), uncover the plot while hacking into the Fates' system.
Dell is recalling 4.1 million laptop computer batteries because they pose a fire risk.