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Synonyms for lapsed



Synonyms for lapsed

no longer active or practicing

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The underlying assumption--that active donors are committed and lapsed donors have changed their minds--is more a product of our own attitudes than a realistic understanding of how people behave.
With this initiative, we are offering our valued customers an opportunity to renew their lapsed policies and help them avail all policy advantages.
T must allocate $10,000 of GST exemption to the original transfer, and C must in turn allocate $5,000 of a GST exemption to the lapsed amount in excess of the 5 & 5 amount.
Each lapsed contract is counted as a lapse in the model point, which represents the product and policy(holder) characteristics at the lapse date.
He estimated that the lapsed file could be "a couple million" names.
One such emerging risk relates to the reinstatement process, which is the process by which a lapsed policy is reactivated and put back in the same position as it was before the lapse occurred.
These messages tend to alienate donors who might not even feel as though they are lapsed and say to them, in effect, "What you're doing isn't enough.
The insurer thus might incur losses from lapsed policies.
the value of the entire portion of the trust subject to the power that was released, exercised, or lapsed will be treated as an addition to the trust.
The old fundraising adage "as acquired so renewed" is an effective but ho-hum way to acquire donors and to recapture those slacker-donors who have lapsed.
Is the expected increase in the value of the partnership interest, from the time of receipt to the time the risk of forfeiture has lapsed, substantial?